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Synonyms for curbstone

a paving stone forming part of a curb

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It will be a pink marble one to match the border stones we had given to us.
The minutes of establishing the main and auxiliary border stones have been signed by the mixed Macedonian-Kosovo commission, which gave the border international verification," said the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Petar Culev.
Once the terrain is cleared and the border stones are mounted, the whole procedure will be over.
Inhabitants of Kosovo villages on border with Macedonia once again removed border stones and replaced them with Albanian flags.
After failing to recognize the problem of the misplaced border stones for the last century, the Costa Rican government last month finally started investigating the issue and is expected to take an official position on the disputed land as early as November, according to Partido de Liberacion Nacional (PLN) Deputy Alvaro Gonzalez.
Use plastic lawn edging or border stones to prevent ground cover from becoming too invasive.
The documentation and the laying of the border stones was completed in fall last year.
With the border stones in place, it's time to lay the bricks.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing border stones and site no stones to sites from site no 1 to 6500 and fixing sighn boards at vijayanagara 4th stage 2nd phase.
Even though we completed the demarcation, more time is needed for the border stones to be laid," Todor Nanev, chairman of the Macedonian commission, explained.