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Synonyms for curbstone

a paving stone forming part of a curb

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Sayuti, consistent with Arulldas' testimony, said they came across the mass graves and abandoned settlements atop Wang Burma hill after crossing the border stone and barbed wire.
Border Stone Quarries has applied to use sandstone from Frankham Wood to restore listed buildings
left to right: Stonemason Gilbert >Ward, David Bowmaker, Robert Charlton and Brian Burnie from Daft as a Brush charity with the beginnings of the stone obelisk at Border Stone Quarries, Haltwhistle.
"It will be a pink marble one to match the border stones we had given to us."
The minutes of establishing the main and auxiliary border stones have been signed by the mixed Macedonian-Kosovo commission, which gave the border international verification," said the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Petar Culev.
* Inhabitants of Kosovo villages on border with Macedonia once again removed border stones and replaced them with Albanian flags.
To make matters worse, Jaen said, the Costa Rican government in 1995 placed a series of smaller border stones between the original markers.
Use plastic lawn edging or border stones to prevent ground cover from becoming too invasive.
"The documentation and the laying of the border stones was completed in fall last year.
With the border stones in place, it's time to lay the bricks.
The failure to reach an agreement as regards the demarcation of the border in the Kodra Fura region resulted in the villagers removing the border stones in the region between Tanusevci and Debalde.
"Even though we completed the demarcation, more time is needed for the border stones to be laid," Todor Nanev, chairman of the Macedonian commission, explained.