border patrolman

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someone who patrols the borders of a country

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We identify with Charlie in his initial confusion about his new job as border patrolman; Charlie's tough lesson is our lesson to be learned, and his acculturation stands in for our own.
Though he has been in Texas for five years, Estrada has no working papers; when he is shot by trigger-happy border patrolman Mike Norton (Barry Pepper), he is buried in an unmarked grave.
The film also features Men in Black actor Tommy Lee Jones, who plays a Texan ranch foreman who kidnaps a border patrolman and takes him into Mexico.
Of course, there are breaking stories that absolutely need to be covered--a surge of migrant rafts appears off the Florida Keys; a border patrolman shoots a Texas goat herder; inmates revolt at an immigration lockup.
McMurtry, thus, does not care for the Border Patrol: "However mild and courteous the Border Patrolman may turn out to be, the image that registers in the mind, as you drive slowly toward the uniformed policeman with the big dog, is an image from the iconography of Nazism.
They were separated by a three-foot wide no man's land in which fourth official Hugh Dallas acted as border patrolman. He was to have a busy afternoon.
A diligent border patrolman looked fascinated at the strange passport and decided to call a colleague who specialized in attending to those Turks with unintelligible language and sad eyes.
But the closest Border Patrolman and his companion did not reply; instead, the first agent ordered us to "step out of the car." Gus asked why, but his question seemed to set them off.
Muriel Watson, the widow of a Border Patrolman in San Diego who devotes herself to the agency's cause, had me follow her out to the border at night.
He was a Border Patrolman at the time and wanted something that would be handy in the car and for undercoat carry when he was working in civilian clothes.
Elmer Keith, in his autobiography Hell, I Was There, shares his part in bringing the .41 Magnum to fruition: While we were attending the NRA convention in Washington, DC, Bill Jordan, the old border patrolman, came to me and says, 'Elmer, you've got the .44 Magnum.
It was called The Bullet Hole, and the grand opening featured the late Bill Jordan, war hero, border patrolman, gunwriter, gunfighter.
Candido Galloso Salas was trapped there for at least two hours, during which time several customers and employees and at least one border patrolman saw him and did nothing.
"Bill Keim was a United States Border Patrolman, he walked into a shack in the dusk of the evening and on entering was shot through the body with a rifle and through the left arm with a pistol in his hand.