border patrolman

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someone who patrols the borders of a country

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Though he has been in Texas for five years, Estrada has no working papers; when he is shot by trigger-happy border patrolman Mike Norton (Barry Pepper), he is buried in an unmarked grave.
He also lassoes Mike Norton (Barry Pepper), the young border patrolman responsible for his friend's death, and forces him to ride along into an increasingly surreal, cross-border odyssey.
The film also features Men in Black actor Tommy Lee Jones, who plays a Texan ranch foreman who kidnaps a border patrolman and takes him into Mexico.
McMurtry, thus, does not care for the Border Patrol: "However mild and courteous the Border Patrolman may turn out to be, the image that registers in the mind, as you drive slowly toward the uniformed policeman with the big dog, is an image from the iconography of Nazism.
A diligent border patrolman looked fascinated at the strange passport and decided to call a colleague who specialized in attending to those Turks with unintelligible language and sad eyes.
Muriel Watson, the widow of a Border Patrolman in San Diego who devotes herself to the agency's cause, had me follow her out to the border at night.
It was called The Bullet Hole, and the grand opening featured the late Bill Jordan, war hero, border patrolman, gunwriter, gunfighter.
THE THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADA: Tommy Lee Jones directed and stars in this parable about a contemporary cowboy who kidnaps the border patrolman who killed his undocumented-immigrant best friend.