border patrol

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a group of officers who patrol the borders of a country

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The program will consist of quarterly sessions including a commencement at Border Patrol Headquarters led by Chief Michael Fisher, Deputy Chief Ronald Vitiello and Senior Staff, select Southwest and Northern Border Sector tours, and concludes with a training and graduation ceremony at the U.
The agency doesn't need to redouble its ranks, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform last week.
The Border Patrol responds to hundreds of cases each year of immigrants who need to be rescued while crossing the desert.
Border patrol is responsible for protecting land and marine borders as well as ports from smugglers.
In reason's January 2014 issue, Wes Kimbell described the experience of Pastor Steven Anderson, who was repeatedly shocked with Tasers and dragged from his car when he raised objections at a Border Patrol stop.
The continuing evolution of the integration of the Border Patrol with the other CBP components (Office of Field Operations and Office of Air and Marine) allows for border security at and between all U.
Moments later, additional Border Patrol Agents arrived on the scene.
The Border Patrol is standing by Tackett and the manor in which he reacted, telling reporters that the agent feared for his life.
Recommendation: To improve the effectiveness of Border Patrol operations while also protecting cultural and natural resources on federal lands along the southwestern border, and to help expedite Border Patrol's access to federal lands, the Secretaries of Homeland Security, the Interior, and Agriculture should, when and where appropriate, (a) enter into agreements that provide for Customs and Border Protection to use its own resources to pay for or to conduct the required environmental and historic property assessments and (b) prepare programmatic National Environmental Policy Act documents for Border Patrol activities in areas where additional access may be needed.
Today, the Border Patrol maintains a constant presence in the Texas border region.
In March, the Border Patrol told residents of Laredo, TX that the agency was going to launch a pilot program to kill off Carrizo cane, a tall, dense grass that US officials say can be used as a hiding place by undocumented immigrants and drug smugglers.
While the Bush administration continues to insist that American citizens must accept increased inconveniences at airports and more privacy intrusions under the Real ID Act, it is waiving security checks for tens of thousands of new immigrants, including many who are being hired as Border Patrol officers.
Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol for the FN 303 Less Lethal System.
Border Patrol has asked the Guard members participating in Operation Jump Start to serve as their eyes and ears by manning spots along the road.
In May 2006, Bush set a goal of increasing the number of Border Patrol agents by 50 percent, from the current 12,000 to 18,000.