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district consisting of the area on either side of a border or boundary of a country or an area

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In Saada province, two children were injured and the citizen's properties were damaged in Saudi artillery and missile shelling on Manbah border district, while similar shelling targeted Shada district and populated villages in Razih border district.
The Saudi enemy shelled the citizens' houses and shops in separate areas in Razih border district, killing one citizen and damaged shops of citizens, said the official on Monday.
In Saada, the US backed warplanes launched a sound bomb on Manbah border district , another two airstrikes on al-Taher district and other three airstrikes on Baqum district.
In Razih border district, a Saudi missile and artillery shelling targeted residential areas.
In Saada, a civilian was killed when the Saudi border guards open their fire against him in border district of Monabih, Saada province, he said.
The news comes amid reports that Pakistani jets violated Indian air space in Nowshera sector in the border district of Rajouri.
Summary: The Internal Security Forces has detained eight Sudanese nationals in the northern border district of Akkar suspected of entering Lebanon illegally, along with two Lebanese men suspected of smuggling them, a statement from the agency reported Thursday.
Turkey's official Anadolu news agency reported that a Turkish military convoy with howitzers and artillery batteries as well as different units of armed forces has been deployed to the border district of Elbeyli in the south-central Turkish province of Kilis on Monday.
Two Afghan government officials said earlier on Monday that a Tajik or Russian plane had bombed a northeastern Afghan border district during a clash between gunmen and Tajik border guards, Reuters reported earlier.
The UN said Saturday that an estimated 290,000 Rohingya Muslims have arrived in the border district of Cox's Bazar in just the last two weeks, joining at least 100,000 who were already there after fleeing earlier riots or persecution in Buddhist-majority Myanmar.
Abdullah Al-Balwi died Wednesday "as a result of the explosion of a land mine in Twalig mountain" in the Saudi border district of Jazan, the Saudi-led coalition said.
London- educated Saddam Nabi Azad, 32, made his first public appearance on Thursday during his father Ghulam Nabi Azad's campaign in the border district of Kathua.
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