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brown sauce with beef marrow and red wine

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The bone-in chops are marinated in a mint-infused bordelaise and grilled over an open flame, served on top of horseradish-whipped mashed potatoes and wilted spinach.
Caption: ABOVE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Popular dishes at Magnolia House include: Gulf Snapper, with caramelized onions, pine nuts, and golden raisins over cauliflower puree; Nine Spice Gulf Shrimp and Grits; the "Fancy Pants" Burger--wa-gyu beef patty, roasted garlic aioli, Allan Benton's bacon, caramelized onions, hand cut fries, fresh cheese, beef belly gravy, and a fried egg; charbroiled ribeye with sauce bordelaise and horseradish smashed potatoes.
Eat: Crispy Tai snapper, Nasi Goreng fried rice, Creekstone ribeye with bone marrow Bordelaise, chocolate mousse with toffee sauce
These birds (Kit Holder as the Cockerel) move like birds and they usher in Widow Simone (Michael O'Hare), a thrifty Bordelaise, still in curl papers and nightdress, owner of the farm and not above clouting her pretty teenage daughter Lise when she gets too dreamy over young and handsome Colas.
My partner opted for a medium rare USDA Black Angus T-bone - cooked to perfection - with an innovative, slightly syrupy bone marrow bordelaise sauce and macaroni and cheese as a side.
Les echelles du mauvais appariement spatial au sein de l'agglomeration bordelaise, in M.
Elle s'appelait Henriette, bordelaise, infirmiere qui, quelques temps apres avoir debarque, en 1940 a Marrakech, avait rencontre Abbes Kabbage.
Sushi-grade yellowfin also figures in one of several main dish standouts, this time lightly seared and arrayed on a delightful salad of watercress and pickled mirliton (aka chayote squash) with radish and red pepper accents, the whole served on a swoony Bordelaise ($25).
THE GRILL AT THE HACIENDA DEL SOL is renowned for its 6,500-bottle wine menu and beloved for dishes like filet mignon with Bordelaise.
Il met en scene l'amour impossible entre une Bordelaise et un Algerien a Paris pendant la guerre d'Algerie.
L'international malien de 25 ans, a l'allure longtemps raillee, a anime l'attaque bordelaise durant toute la rencontre, longtemps sans succes jusqu'a ce qu'il trouve le chemin des filets peu avant la mi-temps (39) et en fin de match (89), offrant ainsi aux Girondins la quatrieme Coupe de France de leur histoire.
A la fin du XIXe siecle, les livres de cuisine regionaux se parerent de titres accentuant leur identite yucateque, proposant des listes extremement variees de recettes et d'ingredients importes d'Europe tels que sherry et porto, vinaigres, huile d'olive d'Espagne, truffes, morue de Norvege, safran et paprika (pimienton) tout en affirmant les associations qu'ils faisaient avec l'etranger: plats <<a la>> provencale, bordelaise, bolognaise, florentine, milanaise, parmesane, romaine, ou bien recettes valencienne, madrilene, basquaise, cubaine, dominicaine, anglaise, allemande, russe, << a l'americaine>>, et parfois mexicaine (Navarrete Arce 1889; Renden de Garcia 1898 [1938]) (11).
There was also a message from France Football to the Bordelais (that is the lads in Bordeaux) and the Bordelaise (the lasses obviously) that it could be the black and whites who become the talking point.
The American-style steakhouse serves the finest cuts of beef (filet, sirloin, rib-eye, rib chop, porterhouse) complemented by sauces including shallot red wine Bordelaise and Argentinean chimichurri.
L'histoire et la memoire s'associent pour mettre en valeur les representations de l'esclavage dans la societe bordelaise a travers 1 idee directrice developpee dans l'approche museale.