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an ore of boron consisting of hydrated sodium borate

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Based in Bronx, NY, Borax is a distributor of food packaging, paper products, foodservice disposables, and janitorial and sanitary supplies serving Metro New York and the tri-state region.
Captor + borax and CeraTrap lures were compared in an area of sapodilla orchards in the locality of Apazapan (19[degrees]19'35.
She said borax, if handled properly, is less toxic than mercury and easily disintegrates and dissipates into the air.
Foliar application of calcium chloride (CaCl2) alone had no significant effect on most of the quality variables, however, CaCl2 + Borax (Na2B4O7* 10H2O) application increased the fruit weight (19.
Purchase of Borax Argentina: Borax Argentina operates three open-pit mines, two concentrators, and a refinery and has two additional deposits that are essentially undeveloped.
The plant, known as Borax 5, was built at a cost of nearly two million dollars.
Add half a teaspoon of borax to one and mix thoroughly.
We also mixed borax and water in a spray bottle and sprayed our mattress, the furniture, the carpet, and anything else we could think of as a possible hiding place for mites.
Mindi wood (Melia azedarach) and sugi wood (Cryptomeria japonica) were smoked for 15 days using mangium wood (Acacia mangium), and for comparison purposes, wood preserved with 5 percent borax, polystyrened wood, and untreated control wood were prepared.
Posterior al procedimiento de secado se realizaron do s ensayo s con diferente s s oluciones; en el primero se utilizaron mezclas preservantes de borax y acido borico (1:1), calculadas para concentraciones de 1, 2, 4 y 6 %.
You will need the following: 2 cups or 1 grated bar of unscented, organic soap (Fels Naptha, Sunshine, Octagon or homemade soap) 6 cups water (4 to be added 1 cup at a time) 3/4 cup borax natural laundry booster 3/4 cup all natural washing soda 1 quart hot tap water 1 gallon tap water [1] Using an old kettle, heat soap and 2 cups water.
USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist Cheryl Spence reported the results of a study in which "dusting" hog manure with borax powder--the same substance used in laundry detergents--helps to neutralize the malodorous microbes, which include sulfate-reductng (SR) and other anaerobic bacteria.
Suharso (2006) investigated the relationship between growth hillocks of (010), (001) and (111) face of borax crystal and supersaturation interpreted by spiral growth theory.
Challinor said 69 percent to 70 percent of the tax would be paid by Borax, with an additional 4 percent to 5 percent from Florida Light and Power, a solar plant in Kramer Junction.