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an ore of boron consisting of hydrated sodium borate

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Both individual and unipak two-component Biolure formulations captured more females than traps baited with torula yeast/ borax (Fig.
The Indonesian Standard SNI 03-3528-1994 recommended that appropriate preservatives for timber are borax, copperchrome-arsenate (CCA), copper-chrome-boron (CCB), copper-chrome-fluoride (CCF), and boron-fluoride-chromearsenate (BFCA); Hoesin (2007) and Kartal and Ayrilmis (2005) claimed that blockboard specimens with boron-treated veneers demonstrated increased durability against decaying fungi and termite attack.
Boron, oxygen and sodium make up sodium tetraborate, which is sold as "20 Mule Team Borax" (the name comes from the teams of 18 mules and two horses that would haul large wagons of processed borax from mines in the late 1800s to the nearest railroad spur).
USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist Cheryl Spence reported the results of a study in which "dusting" hog manure with borax powder--the same substance used in laundry detergents--helps to neutralize the malodorous microbes, which include sulfate-reductng (SR) and other anaerobic bacteria.
Suharso (2006) investigated the relationship between growth hillocks of (010), (001) and (111) face of borax crystal and supersaturation interpreted by spiral growth theory.
Challinor said 69 percent to 70 percent of the tax would be paid by Borax, with an additional 4 percent to 5 percent from Florida Light and Power, a solar plant in Kramer Junction.
Maria Bjork is with Stora Enso Pulp Competence Centre, Sweden; Tomas Sjogren and Tommy Lundin are with Stora Enso Pulp AB Norrsundet Mill, Sweden; Helen Rickards is with Borax Europe Limited, UK; Saied Kochesfahani is with US Borax Inc.
Also, in 1898, borax was found in the mountains surrounding the Antelope Valley, sparking the world's largest open-pit borax mine.
Since we launched Borax and Bicarbonate of Soda in December, the feedback has been astounding," says Mike Pugh, marketing director.
Now Borax is back, with a new idea for its century-old investment: the biggest single residential development to ever hit the Oregon Coast.
Borax, decided to research these consumer preference issues after President Bush emphasized the future of hydrogen-fueled vehicles in his State of the Union address earlier this year," said Millennium Cell president and CEO Stephen Tang.
You need: cup of glue and water, cup of borax and water, 2 stirring sticks
Passing this mixture through a ruthenium catalyst Frees the hydrogen to run the fuel cell, and leaves a hydrogendepleted borax slurry as its "waste" product.
Meat packers were using borax and glycerine to hide the smell of spoiled beef, and candy makers put shredded bone in candy bars to make coconut go farther.