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a salt or ester of boric acid

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READ: American Pacific Borate and Lithium on track to begin Fort Cady construction in Q4
Borate was registered with the federal government as a pesticide in 1948, but it was discounted as an effective wood preservative for many decades because it is water-soluble.
Key words: Borate glass, Transition metals, Electrical conductivity, Chemical durability, Gamma Irradiation.
Divinylbenzene (DVB, 80%), tributyl borate, and dimethylbenzene were purchased from Aladdin reagent Co., Ltd., China.
Additionally, this kind of borate glass has the ability to accept vanadium ions in the network both as a former or modifier (Pranesh et al., 2015).
In [3-5], however, it was noted that the scale of the short range order does not reflect all the complexity of borate glasses, whose structure is characterized by the presence of the so-called superstructural units (boroxol rings, triborate rings, pentaborate groups, diborate groups, etc.) in the next hierarchical level (intermediate range order (IRO)).
He has been involved in the production and exportation of borates for more than 20 years, and he is also involved in the provision of logistical and mining services for remote projects.
"Borates are one possible bridge from simple organic molecules to RNA.
It is clearly shown that disappearance of this peak illustrates highest transformation of the hydroxyl groups into borate esters [21].
Because of the low surface area--to--volume ratio and the large proportion of heartwood in large bridge timbers, pressure treatments with dissolved borate will be unlikely to result in sufficient treatment penetration and retentions.
It is not uncommon to rely, as well, on zinc borate (Firebrake ZB) which can synergistically react with antimony oxide (by partial replacement) as well with halogens.
Three papers from Guilin University of Electronic Technology investigate the effect of fumed silica and zinc borate on the thermogravimetric analysis curves of ABS/magnesium hydroxide composite, and assess the synergistic flame retardant effect of fumed silica, zinc borate, and red phosphorus master batch.
It reveals that comprehensive modifications of the physical and chemical properties of native starches are possible by reacting them with urea and disodium tetraborate (borate).
Individual topics include studying the effect of different combinations of salt modifier on the mechanical properties and microstructure of A356 aluminum-silicon alloy, theoretical studies of the local structures and spin Hamiltonian parameters for the Cu2+ centers in alkali barium borate glasses, and a review of diffusion and interfacial reactions in sandwich thin-film copies.