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hairy blue-flowered European annual herb long used in herbal medicine and eaten raw as salad greens or cooked like spinach

an herb whose leaves are used to flavor sauces and punches

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Talking about the usefulness of Borage Carrier Oils, one of the spokesperson of the website said, Today pollution level has increased to such a level that it affects our hair, skin as well as overall health.
borage THE blue flowers of young borage taste of sweet cucumber and are perfect in drinks such as Pimm's, or scattered on salads and summer fruits.
Simply sow a couple of rows and you will have borage for ever, seeding itself year after year.
Both evening primrose oil and sunflower oil contain about 70% linoleic acid, whereas the linoleic acid content of borage oil is much lower.
The main purpose of the present study is to investigate the effect of the vermin-compost, biological phosphate and their combinations on the function and effective materials of the borage in the framework of the accidental complete blocks in three iterations.
Flaxseed oil is rich in the A omega-3 fatty acid ALA (alpha-linoleic acid), while black currant, borage and evening primrose oils are good sources of the omega-6 fatty acid GLA.
It is comprised of water; glycerin; a provitamin of vitamin B5; allantoin; white tea extract; blueberry extract; acai extract; at least one UVA and/or UVB screening agent; stearyl alcohol; grape seed oil; borage oil; olive oil; jojoba oil; vitamin E acetate; salicylic acid; an amino acid or a form of an amino acid; an alpha arbutin; hydrolyzed rice bran protein, oxido reductases, and/or glycine soja (soybean) protein; sodium hyaluronate; aloe or an extract from aloe; lactic acid; a dermatologically-acceptable form of silicone; one or more polyacrylamide-based emulsifying agents; vitamin A palmitate; orange oil and lemongrass oil.
Above left, Borage, by WaxyJo Above right, Skateboarder, by Tony Cornish Below, Moor Street Station, by Rachel Bowler Left, Cigarette lighter, by Pauline Jones (paulinej9)
Subsequent chapters discuss various nutraceuticals (flaxseed- and borage oil, red ginseng, olive oil, garlic, pre- and probiotics, curcumin, and vitamin C); skin cancer; acne; and food allergy.
4 g/d gammalinolenic acid in borage seed oil or cotton seed oil (placebo).
Currently, evening primrose and borage oils are the two main sources of dietary GLA, containing 10% and 20% GLA, respectively.
Borage blooms generously and produces lots of seeds; sow it once and volunteers will supply all future crops.
Edible flowers, such as violas, nasturtiums, marigold petals, borage blossoms OR cilantro blossoms (optional)
Again starting in 2001, I planted a row of borage between my Brussels sprouts and broccoli.