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of or relating to or derived from or containing boron


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v--Simple substances that so far ought to be looked at as elements (light, caloric, oxygen, hydrogen, azote; sulfur, phosphorus, carbon, muriatic radical, fluoric radical and boracic radical), vi- Significance of some words used by Kirwan, like acids (carbonic, fluoric, muriatic, nitric, nitromuriatic, sulfuric, tungstenic).
It was also documented earlier that Ayr were so boracic we couldn't even afford boot polish.
Despite the payout, the author won't be left boracic lint - skint.
Police in the Top Valley area of Nottingham named the dead man as Mr Anthony Todor Boracic.
They withdrew the milk fed to hospitalized babies with the Caldwell breast pump, a suction device, after sterilizing their breasts with boracic [sic] acid.
Comforts could be anything from mufflers to jars of Bovril and tins of boracic paste.