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Synonyms for boozing

the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess

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Heavy boozing can also allow more fat to circulate in your body, clogging up arteries.
Pals say Thomson, 33, has been boozing heavily since being voted off Celebrity Fame Academy last Monday.
DRINKERS are boozing themselves to death, with Birmingham and the West Midlands one of the worst areas of the country.
THE Government's arguments for all-hours boozing, never strong, look increasingly ridiculous.
PRESIDENT George W Bush's teenage daughter has been cautioned by police after they caught her boozing.
The Centre for Economics and Business Research also said it would only cut the boozing of problemdrinkers by five per cent.
Many women were saving up all their units for the weekend and, even if you limit your boozing to 14 units a week, you can seriously damage your bod if you're drinking them all in one go.
The 17-year-old Royal usually started his boozing sessions with bottles of the trendy vodka-based drink Smirnoff Ice.
Almost 50 Scots football fans were nabbed yesterday in a high-profile operation to beat match-day boozing.
NEARLY half of all the people arrested in Northern Ireland since January had been boozing before their arrest.