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Synonyms for boozy



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Synonyms for boozy

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Synonyms for boozy

given to or marked by the consumption of alcohol

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To mourn the demise of such pubs isn't to laud a culture of booziness, but rather to celebrate the sense of community, camaraderie and tradition that the best of our city pubs can represent.
Unlike some double IPAs that are almost burningly spicy, this wasn't all hoppy power, instead boasting layers of sweet butters, herbal notes and a warming booziness befitting its 8.4% strength.
TV and film star Vegas, 37, whose booziness is part of his act, said her behaviour took place after an evening of drinking.
I am sure everyone has a similiar recollection of excessive behaviour in booziness class.
He begins a rather conventional decline into booziness and suicide--but on the way, he stumbles into an unanticipated new world.
These days, lip-service is paid to his memory and he is used as an annual excuse for a sudden splurge of maudlin misquotation, posturing and general booziness.
Our panel looked for a moist texture, high fruit content, spice and booziness, and a good, thick marzipan layer on the iced cakes.