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Instead of being lumbered with Topham himself - an inveterate boozehound who wound up with a conviction for masturbating in Hyde Park at the age of 70 - racing got his wife, without whose firm hand on the tiller Aintree might have become a car park and housing estate long before the track's first salvation in the early 1970s.
Based on a memoir I've never heard of, this is about the difficult adolescence of Augusten Burroughs (Joseph Cross) and his mental parents, boozehound Norman (Alec Baldwin, on fire recently) and unstable Deirdre (Annette Bening - she's good, so will someone please give her better roles).
Whether those recordings redeem this particular boozehound is a question for theologists; there are, after all, nine circles of hell, and maybe one of the more comfortable ones has a spot reserved for Frank.
Attendees included Bridget Albert from Southern Wine & Spirits, Steve Carrow from Naha, Pete Gugni from the Bedford, Lynn House from Blackbird, Charles Joly from the Drawing Room, Kyle McHugh of the Boozehound, Chantelle Pabros of Vinera, Debbi Peek from the Bristol, Blake Rohrabaugh from Bar Louie, Adam Seger from Hum Spirits, Ryan Stetins from Charlie Trotter's and Paul Tanguay from Tippling Brothers.
The idea that those people visiting a racecourse can be divided neatly into two groups, racing cognoscenti studying the runners in the paddock and hardened boozehounds getting hammered in the bars with no intersection between the pair is nonsense.
Buses wouldn't stop--they were either too full, or the drivers were wary of picking up dozens of boozehounds.