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revelry in drinking

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There are paintings of haughty aristocrats in all their finery and of boisterous booze-ups. The clear implication is that all of us are dealt a hand in life and while some get the aces and some do not, few of us are above grabbing a chance to better ourselves.
But there is a serious side to the daytime booze-ups in laboratory-controlled conditions on the campus.
MOST DISAPPOINTING REVELATION OF THE CAMPAIGN Songs about rival club presidents, all-night booze-ups, rebellious behaviour and mad-cap antics.
In the history of team booze-ups, seldom can such carnage have been created.
I have fond memories of him staging Illuminatus, the eight-hour play at O'Halligan's in Mathew Street, back in the 1970s, scouring junk shops for props for him and going on monumental booze-ups with him and a young Keith Allen and other members of the cast.
Still, at least we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief on August 31, when it's all over for another year and we can go on our pre-arranged booze-ups and get wrecked to celebrate the fact.
We're all familiar with the phrase about organising booze-ups, or something like that, in breweries and a lack of organisation?
People joked that they had always pegged me for a big drinker, or else ignored what I said and launched into stories about old college booze-ups. If I pressed the issue, as I sometimes did, people became disconcerted and latched onto virtually anything in their efforts to change the subject.
Top meltdowns, couplings, break-ups, booze-ups and punch-ups including Cheryl Cole becoming Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Russell Brand calling for a revolution
But the Eagles manager insisted there would be no booze-ups because he knows a hammering could be just around the corner.
Peggy's trials, tribulations, bustups, booze-ups, slaps and slurs have cemented Barbara Windsor as a national treasure.
Forget the booze-ups, seminars and training sessions, I have made some good friends through PACE and I value them all.
If the students are so against organised booze-ups - just don't turn up for them.
Will these back-slapping booze-ups never end?) that I was brought face-to-face with the reality of the state's ever-tightening stranglehold on its citizens.