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a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on

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help oneself, often through improvised means

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A bootstrap analysis consists of performing a large number of bootstraps and counting the number of bootstraps for which [S.
Thus, the failure rate is significantly reduced since 2003, with 100% bootstraps supporting the result.
Some bootstraps by nongovernment actors may trouble us (to tweak the definition of chutzpah, imagine that a person who kills her parents thereby becomes automatically eligible for benefits as an orphan).
Parametric bootstrap confidence intervals for the 95th percentile with no censoring varied in length from 0.
The above positioning statement is supported by the recent observations of other scholars such as Van Auken, (2005) who observed: "Although bootstrap financing commonly is used and is an important source of capital, few.
A Poverty of Imagination: Bootstrap Capitalism, Sequel to Welfare Reform By David Stoesz University of Wisconsin.
An alternative approach to significance testing which does not require a knowledge of the distributional properties of a statistic is the use of the bootstrap (Efron, 1979).
One problem with percentile bootstrap confidence limits however, is that as sample sizes decrease, the lengths of percentile bootstrap confidence limits tend to become underestimated, because percentile bootstraps assume that the bootstrap distribution is centered around the observed value (Efron 1987, Dixon 1993).
Have you ever tried lifting yourself by your own bootstraps - or shoelaces?
Although I agree with Benjamin almost completely, I try here to offer a few different points of emphasis, including more of a focus on the distinction between bootstraps and preconditions, four types of concerns regarding bootstrapping (those relating to aggrandizement, formalism, institutionalism, and transparency), and the relevance of the bootstrapper's purpose.
He needs to find a way to involve himself in the game,'' Jackson said, ``and the scoring end at times so Kobe doesn't have to all of a sudden say, `I'm going to have to pick this team up by the bootstraps and go after it.
2) Conduct bootstrap PCAs; to provide confidence limits, a minimum of 1000 bootstraps should be used (Efron 1987, Dixon 1993).
The term "bootstrap" -- derived from the old saying about pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps -- reflects the fact that the one available sample gives rise to all the others, Efron says.
Fiber Deployment in Latin America, 2000-2006: From Buildout to Bandwidth, a new report from KMI reveals that Latin America is emerging from a period of pulling itself up by its telecom bootstraps.
California State University, Northridge, has made a remarkable comeback from the $42 billion earthquake in the San Fernando Valley, largely by pulling itself up from its own bootstraps.