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a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on

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help oneself, often through improvised means

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But they took Nigerian music from the bootstraps and put us well on the world map,' he said.
Among them, bootstrap strategies [5-9] are gaining more and more acceptance among researchers and practitioners.
Thus, the failure rate is significantly reduced since 2003, with 100% bootstraps supporting the result.
Some bootstraps by nongovernment actors may trouble us (to tweak the definition of chutzpah, imagine that a person who kills her parents thereby becomes automatically eligible for benefits as an orphan).
Anyone who has tried to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps will know you're going nowhere unless you have mastered the trick of levitation.
Parametric bootstrap confidence intervals for the 95th percentile with no censoring varied in length from 0.0009 inches (0.0229 mm) to 0.0145 inches (0.3683 mm).
It's time for all of us in Motown to wipe our tears and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. We have to quit feeling sorry for ourselves, pointing blame in every direction, and prove to the world that we're still a force to be reckoned with.
"Our focus is on the community and improving the quality of life in places where people need help finding their bootstraps," says Bland.
Nucleotide sequences were aligned by using Clustal-W running under BIOEDIT 5.0.9 (Ibis Therapeutics, Carlsbad, CA) and maximum likelihood trees were generated with PHYLIP 3.6 (University of Washington, Seattle, WA) (5) with 100 bootstraps and three jumbles.
Chapter 8 "Growing verb structures," summarizes important findings and methodology in typical development; it discusses syntactic, semantic, and phonological bootstrapping and the way these bootstraps are tied together.
Or is the church a laissez-faire body that expects each member to hang onto his or her own bootstraps? It will do no good to ignore the tensions between these constructions any more than we can hear the comforting image of the nursing mother while ignoring the wrath promised against the enemies of the Lord.
There is still disagreement on whether James should be placed with the "healthy-minded" or the "sick souls," so evenhandedly and sympathetically did he write of both, and so conscientiously did he attempt to pull himself up by his emotional bootstraps when beset by despair.
"This is an industry that has pulled itself up by the bootstraps to become an African success story," says David Gass, chairman of the Mozambique Sugar Producers' Association.
Forget pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, this girl pulled herself up by her suspender belt.