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a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on

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help oneself, often through improvised means

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But upon reflection, we realized that this early work shaped a great deal of subsequent work on bootstrapped learning for natural language processing, both by ourselves and others.
The bootstrap method enables us to mitigate this issue by obtaining the averages of the bootstrapped estimators and the asymptotic covariance matrix using numerous replications of the data (Greene 2012, 612).
with T, p, q being as above defined and [[sigma].sup.2.sub.p,q] being the residual variance of the residuals from the fitting of the bootstrapped series [y.sup.*.sub.t] with its ARMA estimate [[??].sup.*.sub.t].
The second stage uses a bootstrapped truncated regression estimated by maximum likelihood method to estimate determinants of TE as below:
As it relates to IP, you don't need to know all of the answers, but the prioritization and efficiency characteristic of successfully bootstrapped businesses are only possible if you can at least ask the right questions:
In this phase, neural networks were used with two hidden layers, 5 neurons in both layers, and bootstrapped training sets with 100 samples with replacement.
Given that the basic bootstrap techniques were originally developed for independent observations, the bootstrap inference has not the desired properties when applied to raw returns; Bookstaber and McDonald (1987), Chatterjee and Pari (1990), Hsie and Miller (1990) and Levich and Thomas (1993) present the problems of surveys where returns are directly bootstrapped. Maddala and Li (1996) pointed out the shortcomings in the application of bootstrap methods in finance.
The percentile interval cuts the distribution of the bootstrapped estimates at the 2.5 and 97.5 percentiles to produce a confidence interval of [2583.73, 2812.47] MPa.
Repeat steps (2) to (4) 1,000 times (10) to generate (1,000 x l) vectors of bootstrapped Mahnquist indices for each country
Table 5 presents the characteristics of the parametric and bootstrapped sampling distribution of the OLS and the MLE coefficient estimates ([??]) of LMONCO and LPM10.
Genetic distances among species were computed by the Kimura 2-parameters method by using MEGA, and were used to construct bootstrapped neighbor-joining trees (8).