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a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on

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help oneself, often through improvised means

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2014) assert that businesses with higher leverage, lower liquidity, and lower profitability are more likely to bootstrap.
We focused on providing comparisons between an unweighted multivariate analysis of a SCF dataset, one that applies population weights only, and one that uses both population and bootstrap replicate weights.
Keywords: Technical efficiency, Large scale manufacturing industries (LSMI), DEA double bootstrap, Truncated regression, Pakistan
Keywords: Linear models, Robust alternatives, Bootstrap, Jackknife, Simulation
Bootstrap is a data-based simulation method for statistical inference, (5) which was first proposed by Bradley Efron in 1979.
In India you can comfortably bootstrap for six months (eating out every meal, and even having a cleaner).
When the use of the bootstrap method in linear models was considered, Roberts and Martin (2006) used the bootstrap approach to obtain the critical points from the studentized residuals that detected the influence of outliers in linear regression issues in adjusting regression models while taking into consideration the non-normal error distributions.
The second question is to check to what extent the residual bootstrap approach can correct bias in parameter estimates and improve the accuracy of inferences about parameter values.
A confidence level can be determined for the apparent change by performing a bootstrap analysis.
Un problema dificil de responder es determinar el tamano de muestra minimo y el numero de muestras bootstrap que se debe utilizar para obtener distribuciones muestrales apropiadas utilizando la metodologia bootstrap no parametrica.
The issue addressed in this article is different: Are there categories of situations in which there is a sufficient empirical connection between the enabling condition and what it enables, but the bootstrap itself is illegitimate?
2 -- For those who haven't heard of it, Bootstrap is a web development library that helps you get a kick-start in building the UI of your application.
org, providing an excellent introduction to bootstrap resampling methods.
An introduction to bootstrap methods with applications to R.