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a strap that is looped and sewn to the top of a boot for pulling it on

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help oneself, often through improvised means

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After the bootstrap was invented, the research operations on it increased exponentially.
They'll see that they can't hit the next part of growth and stay alive without scaling quickly and that if they try to continue to bootstrap at that point they will lose market shares.
Bootstrap modeling of factor selection identified eight robust predictive factors: sex, preoperative pain, duration of surgery, remifentanil use, ketamine use, non-opioid intraoperative pain medication use, volatile anesthetic use, and post anesthesia care unit morphine equivalent consumption.
(2014) assert that businesses with higher leverage, lower liquidity, and lower profitability are more likely to bootstrap. However, the general consensus in SMME research, within the developing economy context, is that a very limited number of these organisations use financial bootstrapping (Fatoki, 2014; Afolabi et al., 2014; Schofield, 2015; Zwane & Nyide, 2016).
We focused on providing comparisons between an unweighted multivariate analysis of a SCF dataset, one that applies population weights only, and one that uses both population and bootstrap replicate weights.
Indus River, Quadrate Diversity indices, Shannon's index jackknife, Bootstrap and evenness.
In particular, the present paper is aimed at giving empirical evidences of the quality of the bootstrap approach in model selection, by comparing it with the standard procedure, which, as it is well known, is based on the minimization of a selection criterion.
Keywords: Technical efficiency, Large scale manufacturing industries (LSMI), DEA double bootstrap, Truncated regression, Pakistan
The comparison criterion adopted in this research was the confidence intervals for the mean by BCa (bias-corrected and accelerated) bootstrap procedure of univariate evaluation indices of the measurement system.
Some of the most compelling and useful information (to me) came from two departments: firsthand reports and bootstrap businesses.
* Built with Bootstrap 3 or [Full support for Bootstrap 3]
For many, the biggest challenge in starting a business is to not borrow money and have the wits and hustle to bootstrap.
Moreover, when the sample size is fixed, and no additional data can be obtained to support normal approximation, then the "bootstrap method" (Davison, 1997) may be used.
To address this issue, Simar and Wilson, Daraio and Simar, and others have introduced the Bootstrap method for efficiency measurement of DMUs based on DEA to correct the bias of efficiency scores and to calculate their confidential intervals, lower and upper bounds, and so on.