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Synonyms for bootlicking

attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery

attempting to win favor by flattery

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It is painful to report the bootlicking reactions of some Jews to Wagner.
Excess wealth and bootlicking has shrunk the masculinity of today's male celebrities.
In all the bootlicking at the meeting, the 1,200 members forgot why they met in the first place.
Their larger-than-life dean, the court poet Adrian Paunescu, had been nearly lynched by a furious mob who remembered his bootlicking verses.
But that's exactly what Michael Urie did last spring and summer, when he found himself dashing from the set of Ugly Betty, where he plays bootlicking fashion magazine assistant Marc St.
NEVER in the tens of years that I have been a reader of the Post have you published such a letter of bootlicking drivel as the one from Dr D Huws headlined Indispensable Morgan (October 5).
Early in my sophomore year, I recognized the favoritism being shown to Magnuson's style of hustle and bootlicking, so I walked out of practice and that was that.
Throw in some chains and some real bootlicking and Girl King makes for a laugh-out-loud, titillating party.
Where, for example, are Welsh Labour politicians on the Iraq War, on PFI, on growing inequality and US bootlicking, and on countless other Tory policies being pursued by Tony's Tories in London?
At times, his comparisons to the movie "Almost Famous" can be annoying (as if Friend forgot Crowe gave him a great big fat blurb!) and the ever-so-slight bootlicking of his subjects does grow tiresome.
Second, the artist Tom of Finland is known for his portrayal of big, happy boys having guilt-free sex, but former devotee John Rechy observes that all the leather and bootlicking and Nazi imagery embody an undeniably darker side.
Often viewing corporate relationship building as a degree of "bootlicking," they, unlike the former generation, could care less about titles or hierarchies and prefer to stay out of corporate politics.
Aloha, Donald Trump, your bootlicking sidekicks Carolyn and George, and your band of sycophantic would-be "Apprentice's."
Bill Kauffman in The American Conservative condemns Roth for dragging Lindbergh and the case for isolationism through the muck, calling The Plot Against America "the sort of novel a bootlicking author might write to curry favor with a totalitarian government." Benjamin Anastas in Bookforum more temperately chastises Roth for not recognizing the real plot against America, "one with targets and objectives we know all too well," hatched by terrorists abroad, not fascists within.