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someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect

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She was deeply saddened by the fact that more and more people had become political bootlickers, and at the same time admired people who gave up political privileges for the sake of truth, who are refusing to accept bribes, to lie, to ignore corruption, manipulation and nepotism.
Reparations When we get our reparations It's gonna be a sight to see All the wannabees gon come back home And the bootlickers gonna change their song Mulatto Pride gon dissolution And the Creole tribe gon change their mantra Time to marry dark, marry dark, marry dark now Time to change the plan marry dark now Disappearing into Blaaaackness Lawdy Miss Clawdy
They might even be sycophants--footkissers, footlickers or bootlickers.
Now he's staring his Maker in the face - and the brown-nosers and bootlickers have come out of the woodwork to say what a wonderful chap he is and how he'll always be remembered as a great man and an inspired politician.
Although I knew that the New York Post had labeled Joe Conason one of "Hillary Clinton's bootlickers," I agreed to do an interview with him.
Guitarist Tom Morello said ``SNL'' folk ``proved that they're bootlickers to their corporate masters.
Of course, it was better-for all the cronies and/or dummies, for all the blue boys, blue ladies, kowtowers, minions and bootlickers who could literally get away with murder as Sen.
Locked in the Kremlin, surrounded by his brutish bootlickers, Stalin might have missed the world of civilized conversation and deep friendship that he and his comrades destroyed.