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someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect

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CARLOS Tevez has added even more spice to next week's Carling Cup semi-final derby showdown by describing former Manchester United teammate Gary Neville as a "bootlicker" and an "idiot".
But rather than exploring the possibility of a rational basis for the "Understanding" -- why, that is, so many Christians felt their interests would be better protected by an alliance with Nasrallah rather than one with March 14 and the Americans -- Aoun became as one-dimensional as Nasrallah: a dangerous, power thirsty "Syrian Bootlicker" (and in 2007, the object of an Orwellian Presidential Executive Order targeting his US-based supporters, including their children, as the enemies of democracy).
There's Marcel the cuddling bootlicker of ladies, writing worshipfully to his own father's mistress.
Denny refers to the three soldiers as a psychopath, a homicidal maniac, and a bootlicker." Not all the reviews were negative.
If so, you're a bootlicker, house-nigga, or the like.
"The Trilogy" included the heavy first release, "The Maggot"; the softer second album, "The Bootlicker"; and "The Crybaby," a collection of originals and covers, including a version of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," as interpreted by 1970s heartthrob Leif Garrett.
He also imagined a shadow that "never left me but followed a step behind," a "most rare cross between a man and a informer, a bootlicker, an extortioner, and a bribetaker."
(Nobody who has written as many big checks to politicians as he has is in a safe position to accuse anybody else of being a "bootlicker.") If there were so many "errors, misrepresentations, and false conclusions" in my article, why does he fail to cite a single one?
"He thinks I am some sort of lackey, or bootlicker. He is angry with me because in an interview after his eye injury, I said that he would need time to get back to his best.
The equivalent English word is 'suck-up,' but other familiar synonyms are yes-man and bootlicker. We see them everywhere in government.
Manchester City's Argentinian chipmunk killed off former club Manchester United last week with two well-placed goals and followed up by assassinating Gary Neville with two well-chosen words - "moron" and "bootlicker", presumably both stolen from a Hamlet soliloquy.
MANCHESTER City striker Carlos Tevez has reignited his feud with former Manchester United teammate Gary Neville, describing him as a "bootlicker" and an "idiot" on Argentinian radio.
Will will then comment on the morality of the new "state of nature" Administration, quoting seventeenth-century British philosopher Thomas Hobbes, who was also a bootlicker for royalty.