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Synonyms for bootleg

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Synonyms for bootleg

to import or export secretly and illegally


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Synonyms for bootleg

whiskey illegally distilled from a corn mash

the part of a boot above the instep

Related Words

sell illicit products such as drugs or alcohol

produce or distribute illegally

Related Words

distributed or sold illicitly

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Unlike the bootlegs that have previously circulated, the collection will feature the sessions as initially recorded.
SGT Pepper and the Summer of Love - Bootleg Beatles with Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Sage Gateshead It doesn't seem like 50 years ago to one who was there at the time, but 1967 marked the release of The Beatles' iconic Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.
Adam Hastings, 23, will join the Bootleg Beatles when Neil Harrison retires.
As well as the fact that the Bootlegs have been together three times longer than the real thing, the other quirk is the chance to hear songs that The Beatles themselves never played live, having quit touring in 1966: "I met George Harrison at Dave Gilmour's 50th birthday party," Neil recalls.
A 60-date tour of the then Soviet Union and gigs across the globe cemented the Bootlegs' reputation, and the band has never looked back.
TRIBUTE act The Bootleg Beatles are gearing up to 'Help!' a Tyneside youth club.
With still more effort, you can create even more elaborate bootlegs: Osymyso's "Intro Introspection," for example, spends 12 minutes fusing the introductions of well-known songs.
The Sergeant Pepper's phase is where the Bootlegs really come into their own as the costumes and the faces truly match the music of the time.
THE Bootleg Beatles' answer to the late George Harrison, Andre Barreau, said taking to the stage in Cardiff two days after his death was "difficult but uplifting."
Deacon Maccubbin, proprietor of the Washington, D.C., gay and lesbian retail outlet Lambda Rising, remembers stocking a load of bootlegs by mistake.
The QB lets the fullback and halfback clear, makes a very good, deliberate fake to the tailback, then bootlegs and looks for receivers.
Since Adam joined, the Bootlegs have welcomed a new Paul McCartney, also known as Steve White.
BARNES VIDEO John Barnes shows he still has the Midas touch with football as he backs a charity campaign for disadvantaged children in South Africa See video at - click on Videos & Pics of the Rings fans worshipped BOOTLEGS SWOOP Police have smashed a bootleg DVD ring in Aston and the Jewellery Quarter.
The man who popularised Zane Lowe, Kasabian, Bootlegs and mashups...
But you can't help feeling uplifted listening to the Bootlegs."