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the act of making or transporting alcoholic liquor for sale illegally

the act of selling illegally or without permission

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He explained gangs involved in bootlegging usually comprise absconders, who want to make a fast buck.
Early printers involved with these bootlegging operations would copy three cards to a sheet, bind the sheets, and would then sell the compilations (pp.
Earlier, the 17 men were spared of death penalty after being convicted of murdering a man last year in the bootlegging gang fight case.
They have been in jail for more than two years and six months for bootlegging and murder.
The men faced charges of bootlegging in January this year.
Police found out about his forged CPR card when they arrested him for a bootlegging case.
In addition, although there have been some efforts to estimate the effect of crime in general on entrepreneurship (see, for example, Ortega Alvarez, 2002), bootlegging has not been viewed through the prism of entrepreneurship theory.
Bootlegging concerts rakes in massive profits with rare recordings that can fetch up to pounds 300 each.
He then analyzes how this concept affects the practice of bootlegging and the importance of capitalism in the equation.
I have guys coming to us looking for space all the time, but we don't want bootlegging and all those sloppy uses in the building.
forces are cracking down on an unexpected problem in this oil-rich country--gasoline bootlegging.
The Department of Health has rightly identified that bootlegging leads to an unregulated black market which, unlike responsible local retail outlets, freely sells tobacco to children.
Bootlegging of tobacco and alcohol is costing Britain's corner shops and convenience stores more than GBP1.
Artists and record companies have previously taken action against anyone copying their songs but bootlegging has now become a form of flattery.