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Words related to bootlegging

the act of making or transporting alcoholic liquor for sale illegally

the act of selling illegally or without permission

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The excise department raided 100 bootlegging centres in the state and recovered 215 litres of illegal liquor from them, the department said.
He said that the civic body continues to conduct intensive campaigns through the inspection teams to control all negative practices like bootlegging. During one of the campaigns, the inspectors suspected the movement of some vehicles and targeted them.
However, the public representatives said the case was just the tip of the iceberg, with many other groups at large involved in bootlegging across the country.
Some 753 accused were held for involvement in drug pushing and bootlegging activities as total 176.110 kilogram hashish, 28.382 kilogram heroin, 2.617 kilogram opium, 199 gram ice, 13,653 bottles of wine were recovered from them, the spokesman said.
The competent authorities of Saudi Arabia have continued their campaign to eliminate the broadcasting devices that are responsible of bootlegging one of the sport channels, a move that confirms its serious efforts to reject any attempts to override and sell bootlegging devices.
"The Defendants in this case engage in massive infringement and bootlegging of Prince's material," the suit reads.
Pop Music Piracy covers three subject areas: bootlegging and piracy of printed music, pirate radio, and pirated sound recordings.
Knight (1967) was the first to discuss this behavior in the management literature, calling it "bootlegging." Bootlegging is a bottom-up activity, typically initiated by individuals low in the organization hierarchy (Daft 1978); it is an underground activity (Aram 1973) that is unbudgeted, unofficial, and non-programmed (Augsdorfer 1996).
Sharjah The Sharjah Appeal court has sought a medical report to determine the degree of disability of Mushtaq Ahmad, a man who sought compensation for his injuries inflicted during a gang fight over bootlegging in Al Sajja area in 2009.
RIGA - Representatives of Latvia's leading liquor producer's association have criticized the country's new plan to combat bootlegging.
The sentence comes in the wake of fresh charges of bootlegging that were slapped against the men in January, although the death sentence imposed on them for the murder of a Pakistani man, Misri Khan, was commuted in September.
Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said Suky, through Direct Distributors of which he was a principal, bought thousands of counterfeit DVDs from a Montreal-based bootlegging operation and sold them out of a storefront on West 36th Street.
ROCK legend Jimmy Page will appear in court as chief witness in a Glasgow bootlegging trial.