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Synonyms for bootlegger

a person who engages in smuggling

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Synonyms for bootlegger

someone who makes or sells illegal liquor

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As well as the Bootlegger there will be a wide range of rare, retro and customised vehicles.
Prosecutors said that the defendant confessed to offering the bribe, but denied being a bootlegger. He told prosecutors that he was working for another Indian bootlegger who gave him the money for the bribe.
In the run up to Eidul Fitr, police have initiated a massive crackdown against bootleggers peddling toxic moonshine.
The confiscated vehicles belonged to bootleggers, who intended to supply the consignment of alcohol to their customers - mostly labourers - in Sharjah.
RAWALPINDI:Police have arrested 12 lawbreakers including six bootleggers besides recovering 66 liters liquor, a pistol of 30 bore with two rounds and other items
Critique: A master of the mystery/suspense genre as her Edgar, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity awards attest, once again Margaret Maron has penned an original masterpiece of a read with "Bootlegger's Daughter".
Conviction musicians Ffug were bolshy punkers personified at The Moon and Monday Night Side Project treated us to a beguiling mix of indie folk roots at Bootlegger. Mandy performed songs written by and in tribute to the late, great Mel Fung, featuring a host of guests including Euros Childs at Clwb, while my HUB came to a rousing close at Bootlegger courtesy of Railroad Bill's supercharged skiffle party.
At least 30 people a day buy the cocktail from the bootlegger with the number increasing during weekends.
Lost Recipes of Prohibition: Notes From a Bootlegger's Manual
A TEAM of the Anti- Terrorist Squad of Gujarat detained a 42- year- old alleged bootlegger, Masum Kalu Mahida, who eloped with a Hindu girl half his age from central Gujarat town Nadiad.
We don't know if the authors would classify him as a Bootlegger or a Baptist who could do well by doing good.
Smith and Yandle offer a compelling illustration with their story of the Baptist (Methodist) and bootlegger (bar owner) coalition that opposed the Salvation Army in London in the late nineteenth century.
Richmond, Canada, August 23, 2014 --( Today Bootlegger announced its new Fall fashion and Denim collections, including the re-launch of Bootlegger branded jeans.
A Dubai policeman has gone on trial charged with taking weekly bribes to allow a bootlegger to continue his illegal trade.
In this project honoring West (1942-2008), creator of Bootlegger Press (the first women-owned American library publisher), librarian at the San Francisco Zen Center Library, and author of Revolting Librarians Redux and Lesbian Polyfidelity, Samek (library and information studies, U.