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Synonyms for bootlegger

a person who engages in smuggling

Synonyms for bootlegger

someone who makes or sells illegal liquor

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I am also less convinced by Smith and Yandle's discussion of TARP, which they describe as being pushed by "a bootlegger without a Baptist.
The metaphor is drawn from an earlier era where the bootleggers backed legislation regulating the legal sale of alcohol to promote their own economic self-interest.
According to press release he said that Shalimar police team arrested bootleggers Jameel Masih and recovered 50 liter wine from him.
But even then the relatives of the girl lodged a case against the bootlegger and alleged that the girl was forced to fall for Mahida.
From fits to fabrics, the latest Bootlegger jeans are clean and classic, and the premium soft fabrics feel amazing.
Dubai Court of First Instance was also told the officer arrested six rival illegal booze traders after a request from the bootlegger.
Moreover, the BJP veteran stayed at a hotel in Daman during his visit, which also belongs to an alleged bootlegger.
The 20-month jail term is thought to be the highest sentence handed out to a bootlegger in this country.
Motorists pull up, hand a wad of dinars out the window, and wait as the bootlegger fills the tank using a funnel and a hose.
The Bootlegger concept currently has 111 units and consists of everyday branded and private label clothing for both sexes between the ages of 14 and 22.
He added: "The professional bootlegger is still going to come here, despite ferry fare increases.
com announced today that it will be sponsoring "Football 101 for Ladies" at Bootlegger Drafthouse in Ft.
35), and while the top weight ran well to finish second behind Galletina over the same distance at the Curragh 16 days ago, preference is for Bootlegger, who landed an amateurs' event on his debut at Leopardstown.
Against a backdrop of newsreel-like montages and narration, "The Roaring Twenties" follows the life of jobless war veteran Eddie Bartlett (James Cagney) who turns bootlegger.
Bhara Kahu police arrested bootlegger Mubarik and recovered four wine bottles from him.