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a long lace for fastening boots

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I am hoping that my name will live on through Coventry Bootlace Club.
When I turned round, I saw Mrs Pratchett holding out the bootlace in her filthy fingers.
You can wear a nice T-shirt underneath or if you're going posh, a shirt with a bootlace tie.
It extends the unit's length 1 to 5 inches and a suede shield protects the ankle wrap from bootlace hooks.
Thread the red-and-black bootlace through the holes in the poles, then cross poles on top of one another to make a fan (see photo).
For the battling pup GNAWED through the bootlace that lashed her to a brick.
LONG before David Beckham discovered alice bands, England legend Bert Williams used a bootlace to keep the hair out of his eyes.
He had been out with a friend who only noticed he had vanished when he got up from tying a loose bootlace.
She was strangled with a bootlace at her home in Surrey in January 2006.
A NOT the blue whale, but the bootlace worm which reaches a massive 200 feet (60m), almost twice as long as a blue whale and a third longer than the lion's main jellyfish, the previous record holder.
O'Neil insisted he was trying to shake his bootlace clear after it got caught in Reyna's stud.
It requires a 10-inch length of 1-by-4 and a leather bootlace for the hanger.
You would see Teddy Boys in the drapes, bootlace ties and beetle crusher shoes.
FOR one Everton footballer, her hopes of representing Great Britain at the forthcoming Deaflympics are hanging by a bootlace.