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a long lace for fastening boots

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The bootlace lens is a passive antenna that magnifies microwave signals using transmission rather than reflected signals.
Multibeam antennas at Raytheon ESD use bootlace (RKR, R2R or Rotman) two-dimensional printed circuit lenses for electronic beam scanning and beam shaping.
Wherever Jaguar was during the year, Norman was present too, chatting with fans and friends, wearing his distinctive bootlace tie and cowboy boots.
The other common name is the bootlace fungus because of what is going on underground.
You had the idea," they said to me, "so you can be the one to put the mouse in the jar." "And one bootlace, please," I heard Thwaites saying.
O'Neil insisted he was trying to shake his bootlace clear after it got caught in Reyna's stud.
It requires a 10-inch length of 1-by-4 and a leather bootlace for the hanger.
Aprill, 52, had recently set up the Coventry Bootlace Club which she planned as a monthly event for her favourite 60s and 70s-style bands at the Coventry Coachmakers Club where she was a member.
You would see Teddy Boys in the drapes, bootlace ties and beetle crusher shoes.
She was strangled with a bootlace at her home in Surrey in January 2006.
Thousands of pink starfish, urchins and monster bootlace worms feeding on a dead seal under permanent ice in Antarctica, filmed over a month in tracking timelapse.
I have always liked Williams (right) because he never cries off with a broken bootlace or a smudged tattoo.
All three of these symptoms tell me that the hedge is almost certainly dying a painful death from the effects of Armillaria mellea, the Honey Fungus or Bootlace fungus that is so common on woody subjects.
FOR one Everton footballer, her hopes of representing Great Britain at the forthcoming Deaflympics are hanging by a bootlace.