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a person who polishes shoes and boots


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I remember the first time someone else shined my boots at a bootblack contest.
Therefore when a bootblack licks the boots, they are applying the spit to allow for that high shine to occur.
Once again Blacks were confined to nineteenth-century occupations as domestics, bootblacks, postal workers, longshoremen, and a few streetcar drivers.
Again, as Claghorn recounted: "The Italian fruit peddler bestows a considerable amount of his inherited racial art sense in 'composing' his wares to form an attractive picture; the Italian barber pays considerable attention to the attractiveness of his place: the Italian bootblack is not the little ragged urchin of yesterday with battered box and a shrill velocity of motion, but a well-kept looking individual anywhere from 15 to 30 years of age, with a regularly established place of business ranging from the throne-like arm chair and umbrella to the regular shop as well-kept as the barber's.
Every shop and every cafe had an inscription saying it had been collectivised; even the bootblacks had been collectivised and their boxes painted red and black.
Newsboys and bootblacks accounted for 27 percent of all arrested.
Arthur Pember remarked in 1874 that Saturday evenings at the Bowery Theater were "a night on which all the elite of the bootblacks and newsboy world make a point of going to the play.
Similar databases monitoring the investment policies and current rates of cab drivers, short-order cooks, and bootblacks are rapidly gaining in popularity.
James Street to go to the North End, he would encounter the street boys--newsboys, bootblacks, delivery boys, wood- and coalpickers, peddlers, and plain idlers--about 5,000 of them in Boston alone, many orphaned or abandoned by their families.
Trains rolled in, others rolled off, bootblacks blacked the boots offered up to them by people who took all this for granted, paperboys hawked papers, porters loitered about.
Italians, Sicilians, Greeks, and other "new" immigrants by 1910 were replacing black barbers, bootblacks, and draymen; western Europeans, especially French and German, were taking traditionally black jobs as cooks and waiters; Swedes and Germans were filling up the better-grade janitorial jobs, especially in office buildings.
Among those arrested in the crackdown were at least thirty-five Jews, including bootblacks, newspaper vendors, barbers, cigar vendors, ragpickers, fruit vendors, and truck-, butcher- and coal-cart drivers.
Atkinson founded the Chicago Boys' Club in 1901 specifically to serve homeless newsboys and bootblacks who slept in the alleys of Chicago's Loop.
A notorious and well-publicized incident in the earliest years of New Haven's Italian settlement undoubtedly deepened whatever prejudicial impressions city officials had formed of the immigrant population that would eventually outnumber all others in the city: In 1873, three Italian padroni were arrested in New Haven under an anti-slave labor law for controlling the services of a group of boy "musicians" and bootblacks.
It was the place where religiously the longshoremen and the bootblacks would go with their women to drink and to dance and to, if necessary (and who is to define necessary?