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shaped like a boot

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The Confesercenti lobby gave its estimates as part of a campaign to increase attention on the extent of organised crime, particularly in Sicily, the Naples area, Calabria in the "toe" of Italy and Puglia in the "heel" of the boot-shaped peninsula.
The Angel of the North, a football boot-shaped coffin painted in Toon colours, and a ship are just some examples of what bereaved relatives are asking for at Vic Fearn & Co.
It is attached to a quirky boot-shaped sidecar that many Bromsgrove townsfolk will remember as a feature of the long-gone Brighton's Shoe Shop.
Benedict flew by helicopter to Bari ( an historic "bridge" between East and West and a major seaport near the "heel" of boot-shaped Italy.
Committee members distributed boot-shaped chocolates and Alamo Crackers as a mariachi band delighted curious passersby.
As the boot-shaped land moved toward national unification, the Papal States stood in the way of the Italian version of Manifest Destiny.
The unrivalled diversity of Italian wines is due not only to the wealth of grape varieties but also to the infinite variations in contours, soils and microclimates of vineyards along the extended boot-shaped peninsula, " he says.
The world's finest architects, designers, painters and sculptors - not forgetting the most passionate lovers - all hail from the boot-shaped peninsula.
The genesis of the boot-shaped orebody is not yet fully understood, but indications are that it is a mesothermal shear-hosted deposit.
Take a short walk through Jessica Stockholder's Your Skin In This Weather Bourne Eye-Threads & Swollen Perfume, 1995: screaming-neon-green linoleum runner (made complete only by the appearance of scuff marks - street-colored, boot-shaped - trailing in your wake) starting in the entry hall outside the downstairs gallery, leading up to sky-blue concrete climbing up the far wall inside; the wall itself white, punctuated by blocks of color - pink, yellow, sky blue, dark blue, orange, hunter green.
Despite questions about the city's ability to handle burgeoning development, the City Council has begun annexing a 1,600-acre boot-shaped parcel in Valencia that could bring 5,000 people into Santa Clarita.
Product: "Sweet Home Shoe House Playset," a set consisting of a plastic boot-shaped house and 18 pieces (dolls and furniture) that retails for around $5.
Phase two of improvement work at Kirby Road Park is about to start after a pounds 53,000 grant from the Doorstep Greens initiative, and will include a boot-shaped maze and a community garden.