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shaped like a boot

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Everything in this boot-shaped country is done to elevate the most plebian experience into a work of art.
Isla was born with her oesophagus unconnected to her stomach and four problems with her heart, including it being boot-shaped and having a hole.
The city wants to expand its boot-shaped boundary further south to rope in a 257-acre parcel that will house a new state prison and mental hospital and a 100-acre parcel for Grain Millers, along with a 40-acre parcel near the downtown core for a wastewater treatment facility.
Industry advocates point to the value of the jobs the industry creates and the long tradition of tobacco production on the boot-shaped peninsula.
Food is one thing that this boot-shaped country does well.
Always banging on about Venice, Florence, and Rome, how many of us have explored the less celebrated parts of the boot-shaped peninsula?
1) revealed cardiomegaly (boot-shaped), with a cardiothoracic index (CTI) >60%, and an absent pulmonary bay.
The Confesercenti lobby gave its estimates as part of a campaign to increase attention on the extent of organised crime, particularly in Sicily, the Naples area, Calabria in the "toe" of Italy and Puglia in the "heel" of the boot-shaped peninsula.
The Angel of the North, a football boot-shaped coffin painted in Toon colours, and a ship are just some examples of what bereaved relatives are asking for at Vic Fearn & Co.
It is attached to a quirky boot-shaped sidecar that many Bromsgrove townsfolk will remember as a feature of the long-gone Brighton's Shoe Shop.
Benedict flew by helicopter to Bari ( an historic "bridge" between East and West and a major seaport near the "heel" of boot-shaped Italy.
Committee members distributed boot-shaped chocolates and Alamo Crackers as a mariachi band delighted curious passersby.