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Synonyms for boost

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Synonyms for boost

to move (something) to a higher position

to increase in amount

to give support or assistance

to increase or seek to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

an instance of lifting or being lifted

the amount by which something is increased

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Synonyms for boost

the act of giving hope or support to someone

an increase in cost

the act of giving a push

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give a boost to

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increase or raise

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push or shove upward, as if from below or behind

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Boosting of tuberculin sensitivity among Southeast Asian refugees.
Maritime ports in Saudi Arabia had been receiving great attention since their inception under the Kingdom's founder King Abdul Aziz, to form one of the nation's most important economic and commercial streams, as well as playing a major role in boosting its regional and international trade.
As shown in the figure two cascaded switches and two cascaded capacitors are connected together in the three-level boosting dc/dc converter.
Statistical boosting algorithms have their roots in machine learning [7] but were later adapted to estimate classical statistical models [8,9].
Reverse boosting is one of the many new and creative methods devised by cheaters exploiting loopholes in the game's matchmaking rules to gain an upper hand in competitive multiplayer matches.
Abul presented an overview to the Deputy Head of the Department for National Institutions and Local Mechanisms about the role of the NIHR in boosting and developing human rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The report from Barclays also revealed there is longer-term potential to grow the economy by boosting tourism, exports and foreign direct investment.
WNFP provides programs, events and opportunities to support in building connections, learning new techniques and strategies for growth, improving networking skills, boosting business, and gaining referrals.
Even without boosting, protease inhibitors have a higher genetic barrier to resistance than the other main classes with mutations appearing sequentially with a stepwise increase in resistance over time.
With the new material, engineers might design fuel cells with smaller electrodes that contain only one-twentieth as much platinum as those in use now--reducing cost and boosting efficiency of the devices at the same time, the team predicts.
A big assumption behind the benign scenario of a tightening labor market boosting nominal GDP in the short-term is that there is no negative demand shock to upset Japan's labor market.