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The first test flight of the X-43A on June 2, 2001, failed when fins sheered off the booster rocket.
Kazakstan abruptly banned all launches from Baikonur on Tuesday after a Proton booster rocket carrying a Russian defence ministry satellite exploded shortly after take-off on Monday.
ALMATI (CyHAN)- At the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, the Soyuz TMA-06M spacecraft was mated to its booster rocket on Oct.
With the assist of the moon's gravity, LCROSS and its attached Centaur booster rocket successfully entered into polar Earth orbit at 6:20 a.m.
The glider will carry a booster rocket capable of launching payloads into low Earth orbit.
"The flight around the world of a reusable vehicle placed in space by an Energiya booster rocket opened a new stage in the space research program....
But that would require Russia's agreement to postpone its own launch of a Soyuz booster rocket carrying US multi-millionaire Dennis Tito and two cosmonauts.
Japan's space agency plans to launch the unmanned craft from a booster rocket travelling at twice the speed of sound 12 miles above the Australian outback in a few weeks.
The booster rocket powers it to maximum altitude (460ft) before taking a picture on the way back down to earth.
An estimated one million people gathered to see the giant Saturn 5 booster rocket blast off.
Officials believe a problem with one of the tanks may have triggered an automatic abort system and said fuel had been removed from the booster rocket, indicating at least several days are needed to prepare it again for launch.Aa
Under the Central Asian sun, a train carrying their Soyuz booster rocket trundled Sunday through tinder-dry steppe on its way to the launch pad known as Gagarin's Pad.
It fell after the third stage of its booster rocket failed.