booster amplifier

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an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signal

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"The Nucomm Range Booster Amplifier requires minimal setup and is specifically designed for ease-of-use," says IMT Divisional Chief Executive Stephen Shpock.
The two class C booster amplifiers each deliver more than 1000 W of peak power.
Figure 5 shows the system's power supply mounted on a plate on top of the booster amplifiers' assembly.
The booster amplifier and its power supply are provided in a housing measuring approximately seven inches on a side, as shown in Figure 1.
This plug-and-play, 50 W, C-band, mast-mounted booster amplifier incorporates power amplification directly at the antenna focus, eliminating many problems associated with RF cable losses, crosstalk and receiver front-end overload.
An erbium-doped fiber booster amplifier delivers an output power higher than 50 mW, increasing the output power of a laser transmitter by an order of magnitude.
Booster amplifiers or postamplifiers increase the launched optical power at the transmitter side; preamplifiers improve the sensitivity of the optical receivers; and the in-line distribution amplifiers compensate for the fiber distribution loss.
Ka-band booster amplifiers are currently being developed for both commercial and government satellite terminal applications.