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Synonyms for boor

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Synonyms for boor

an unrefined, rude person

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Synonyms for boor

a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement

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"Beautiful Venice is indeed sinking, but not as fast as the boorishly bigoted Brugnaro."
As related in Bill Mead's Even the Browns, they found Cardinals owner Sam Beardon, who responded boorishly: "If we'd lost this Series to the Browns.
In every nation's officialdom, some officials during tense moments, regretfully act boorishly. The stories of mistreatment may be true, but they also might have been a response to extreme provocation by the flotilla passengers.
Isabella Thorpe cannot speak unless it is flirtatiously, and John Thorpe cannot be without being boorishly. Mr.
I cherish an e-mail in which one of von Trier's partners in his production company, Zentropa, tries to account for the director's boorishly provocative comments as being caused by a "light |case of| Tourette's syndrome." This might explain the compulsive epater le bourgeois streak in his movies as well.
Rather, because Auden is acting upon information that Rowse has not explicitly provided, and Auden is thus boorishly violating one of those unstated rules of gentlemanly decorum that Rowse takes delight in upholding at Oxford.
In "Tar Cat," David is a sensitive boy who feels powerless amongst his boorishly insensitive family members, including his cousin Benny, who tortures and kills animals as a disturbingly automatic and unfeeling compulsion.
As the lunatic next door threatens to exterminate his detractors, accusing them of popping hallucinogenic pills, referring to them as rodents and germs and boorishly thinking that a 150 percent salary increase will send Libyans home after he waged an all-out war against his own people, the battle for democracy in Egypt continues to rage on.
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton have been political figures all along, from their Arkansas days to Washington - fair game, as it were - but did what they could to keep their daughter out of it (and Rush Limbaugh arguably got the worst of it when he boorishly went after her on his show).
Many think that the PM is acting boorishly because he knows he is never to be the PM again.
They boorishly cheer Israel on as if there are no consequences to their support, as if Palestinians are mere rivals on the field of play and not flesh and blood members of the human family whose flesh and blood are spilled without remorse on a regular basis.
As an active participant in support of the American-Israel relationship--exactly what Gershom Gorenberg ("It's Time for American Jews to Speak Up," March/April 2009) derides--I find his exhortations to his fellow American Jews boorishly condescending.
Next, the Europeans enter the scene upstage, behaving boorishly, evidently trying to decide where to go, and speaking gibberish that crescendos with the declaration "West!".
Phils" of the world as boorishly "familiar." Anderson was simply not the kind of man, one might think, who would write an autobiography.
He complains-if he is not being ironic--that "Calder's mobiles lack gravitas," and elsewhere that a playwright is "boorishly explicit." While I don't find this language or the mind-set objectionable, I doubt that full-blown modernists would agree.