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work of little or no value done merely to look busy

do useless, wasteful, or trivial work

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The post Auditor-general finds boondoggles are rife in law commissioner's office appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The boondoggle feasts on waste, corruption and greed.
Unfortunately, a large percentage of the big projects were boondoggles that helped only a few in the host country's ruling elite.
He looks at shifts toward political equality around the world, exploring the boons and boondoggles for gains in political equality.
Ethanol is becoming the new favorite for government underwriting, following in the footsteps of "synthetic oil" and other boondoggles that have enjoyed huge subsidies.
But real growth comes with discipline, knowing which opportunities matter and which will be boondoggles. Anybody can grow in a boom.
The report describes several of the projects it reviewed as "boondoggles." They include the huge National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a high-energy fusion laser that in 1997 the DOE said would be ready in 2005 at a cost of $1.2 billion, but now, after factoring in additional expenses and recalculating construction management costs, will cost as much as $5-8 billion.
Blue Rhino's experience notwithstanding, the 1990s are rife with major technology project boondoggles overseen by CEOs who were supervising IT chiefs who missed deadlines, whose salaries were too costly and who never fulfilled expectations.
But hold on: Much of this is military and homeland-security spending, as well as the farm and energy-industry "boondoggles" that the Journal rightly deplores.
But it wasn't until a year later that the paper got the story, in the form of an excerpt from Weiner's new book, "Stadium Games: Fifty Years of Big League Greed and Bush League Boondoggles."
(Unlike highways and mass transit, funded annually from a percentage of the federal gasoline tax, Amtrak survives on yearly appropriations.) Congress and the President have already ruled that Amtrak will lose operating subsidies in 2002, and the railway remains under attack by critics alleging that, with only 0.4 percent of the intercity market and billions of dollars in subsidies, it is one of the biggest government boondoggles ever.
Astonishingly, there are some in both houses of Congress who would not only continue funding present B-2 production but would like a additional $16 billion to pay for the construction of even more of these flying boondoggles. Perhaps not surprising most of these are the same senators an representatives who are determined to cut off funding to the NEA, the NEH, and the CPB in the name of federal frugality.
Here are some samples of ludicrous boondoggles that continue to enjoy the support of Congress and the Executive Branch:
The Pentagon instead lures innovators to a "Summit of Death," where ingenious products turn into expensive boondoggles.
With 20 new miles of track needed for completion and little but Indian reservations found between the two cities, the "Rail Runner" (as the project is known to locals) is just one of the governor's best-known boondoggles.