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The rest of the weekend at the Boondoggle I enjoyed fishing new waters, seeing 40-inch reds cruise beneath my kayak (no eaters), and continuing to meet people whom I'd "Friended" on Facebook.
Boondoggle, as he gleefully informed everyone in the room, is a term that originally arose in the New York Times in 1935 and it refers to "a project that is considered to waste time and money, yet is often continued due to extraneous policy motivations".
maybe there is a connection between the two events--DuMont announced that construction had stopped on his $22 million boondoggle. The MBC has been without a home since 2003 and appears destined to remain that way for the foreseeable future.
These one-sided stories lead you to believe every employee recognition event is a junket, a boondoggle, a waste, or that it's for highly-paid executives.
3, the $700 boondoggle had ballooned to more than $850 billion.
Canada's recent political history is littered with the remains of scandal: from the emigration of Iraq's Ambassador to the United States, Mohammad Al-Mashat, in 1991 to the so-called "billion dollar boondoggle" in 2000, from serious cost overruns at the Firearms Registry reported in 2002 to the February 2004 Auditor General's report on the Sponsorship Program.
Feature Series--Silver medal for our "Coping with Catastrophe" series about Hurricane Katrina, including: High Water Mark by Senior Associate Editor Bonnie Brewer Cavanaugh (July 2006); Building Up to Code by BestWeek Managing Editor Rick Cornejo (August '06); Panacea or Boondoggle? by Ron Panko (September '06); and A Catastrophic Battle by BestWeek's Washington News Bureau Manager R.J.
COAL-TO-LIQUID BOONDOGGLE (The Washington Post, Washington)
Please look into this boondoggle as our vets deserve the best -- not just better.
Or is it a boondoggle, as its critics claim, that consumes as much oil--on a Btu basis--as it replaces?
He has also challenged Northup's moderate image, criticizing the Republicans' Medicare prescription drug plan as a "boondoggle" for the pharmaceutical industry.
Mission: Impossible III was a quarter-billion-dollar boondoggle, grossing just $133 million domestically, of which Paramount might see no more than $70 million.
We can only hope this boondoggle burns itself out before many people are killed.
But the bottom line is that I just can't embrace this boondoggle of a uniform.