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work of little or no value done merely to look busy

do useless, wasteful, or trivial work

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The rest of the weekend at the Boondoggle I enjoyed fishing new waters, seeing 40-inch reds cruise beneath my kayak (no eaters), and continuing to meet people whom I'd "Friended" on Facebook.
Dr Henley believes the city council's joint venture company with Capita, Service Birmingham, is a boondoggle.
Even if I did, the rebate would still be a huge boondoggle.
More than 40 different ales from around the UK will be on offer during the event including the interestingly named Boondoggle and Wobbly Bob.
Gifts site Boondoggle were forced to call in the receivers after failing to find new finance.
There already exists a feature-film fund within Telefilm, and the creation of another fund co-managed by multipartners could lead to yet another bureaucratic boondoggle like the disbursements of television funds last spring.
The result is a bonanza for banks and a boondoggle for customers.
Still, the predominant attitude among many is that any international travel must be a pleasure-trip boondoggle.
It's just another high-tech boondoggle we can do without.
Many researchers, the federal government and the public eventually became disenchanted, writing off the cold fusion phenomenon as a boondoggle best buried in the literature.
This boondoggle should give pause to anyone contemplating the expenditure of hundreds of billions more taxpayer dollars for any federal infrastructure projects as part of any new stimulus package.
The next Boondoggle will be held at Kars Park at Merritt Island on February 15-18.
owner of Boondoggle Sports Network, the interactive fantasy sports game, sports trivia, advertising and digital signage network.
Los Angeles officials, particularly those with downtown interests, have a bad habit of opening up the public treasury wide to encourage their boondoggle -- be it the Convention Center or a vain attempt at creating some sort of Rockefeller Center West on Grand Avenue.
The boondoggle feasts on waste, corruption and greed.