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Synonyms for boondocks

a remote and undeveloped area

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It was an exposure that made her learn lessons in countryside banking and in really knowing if our government banks have served its clients especially in the boondocks.
"He's a lovable mascot and the kids, both young and old, can't help but like him--so they listen." Kudos to the Boondocks staff for launching a creative way to drive local interest in gun safety.
Although The Boondocks are typically understood and critiqued as a Black Nationalist text, the animated series was examined through the lens of critical spirituality and Black Masculinity.
Luke Scott (son of Ridley) directs the story of corporate troubleshooter Lee (Kate Mara) who's dispatched by a shady company to a secret laboratory hidden in the boondocks. She's there to check the progress of the firm's latest project, a lab-grown "hybrid biological organism".
Meanwhile, an isolated park out in the boondocks will get a new Nature Center, plunked down in the middle of formerly pristine woods.
Come to Boondocks Patio and Grill in Downtown Scottsdale and mingle with a crowd of first class athletes and artists from all facets of professional sports for “Players and Pets” Celebrity Party featuring a performance by Country/Pop Duo Heartlyn Rae.
Aaron McGruder ("The Boondocks'') has "Black Jesus,'' an Adult Swim series set in modern-day Compton, California.
Thus we have "San Fairy Ann" (for the French pa ne fait rien), many Urdu expressions (charpoy and Jaldil), Boondocks (from the Filipino word bundok), skoshi from Korea vets, and from NATO "mox nix" (from the German machts nichts, it makes no difference).
The show, airing at 11 p.m., is written and produced by Aaron McGruder, best known for the comic strip and animated series "The Boondocks.- McGruder's new show stars Gerald "Slink" Johnson as a modern-day Jesus living in Compton, Calif, spreading "love and kindness" with a "loyal group of downtrodden followers," according to Turner Broadcasting System.
Using a wide range of temporal and generic examples from Roots and The Cosby Show to Grey's Anatomy and The Boondocks, Havens undertakes an examination of the black television trade and how it has remained relatively unchanged through the decades and across genres.
The semiliterate writing that gives Adventures of Huckleberry Finn its "vernacular vision"--wrapping cultural critique in ostensibly innocent transgressions and misunderstandings--has a counterpart in the apparently untutored drawing style and social critique seen in The Simpsons, Lynda Barry's comics, and The Boondocks. And the humor business of recent decades depends on the same brand-name promotion, cross-media synergy, and copyright practices that Clemens pioneered and fought for a century ago.
I'm always willing to trawl the boondocks of the internet on behalf of readers so I thought you might appreciate a few more.
The media and the "front runners" colluded to ensure than no real political debate made it to the airwaves during the sideshow of the primaries, which had no purpose except to make us poor dupes in the boondocks think that we had some input.
Truth proves more cinematic than fiction in vet documentarian Jerzy Sladkowski's "The Vodka Factory." The mesmerizing story of Valentina Barabina, a single mother fiercely setting her sights on stardom in Moscow to escape the dead-end Russian boondocks, plays like the best kind of narrative moviemaking; the presence of the camera and the filmmaker's outsider p.o.v, seem to heighten the awareness of all involved, imparting an edge of desperation, bitterness and fanatical hope to the proceedings.