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a remote and undeveloped area

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Kudos to the Boondocks staff for launching a creative way to drive local interest in gun safety.
Although The Boondocks are typically understood and critiqued as a Black Nationalist text, the animated series was examined through the lens of critical spirituality and Black Masculinity.
Every position that Romney will take in the coming campaign, especially in so close an election as is likely, will certainly be an insincere marketing strategy that holds us poor dupes from the boondocks in barely hidden cynical contempt.
NORFOLK was just getting over its reputation as an English version of American boondocks movie Deliverance when the Tories had to go and ruin it.
But most impact wrenches don't have enough juice to do the job, especially in the boondocks.
We got good starts and went left, but the breeze freshened from the right and we were stuck in the boondocks.
uncertain of its course and spill or worst, its boondocks doom
Studying a historically significant autobiography, Black Boy, in conjunction with two contemporary fictional works, The White Boy Shuftleand The Boondocks, constitutes a departure from the larger body of scholarship on African American writing.
All the Rage: The Boondocks Past and Present is more than just the latest collection of the politically charged, African-American culture-centric newspaper comic strip--it also gathers a massive assortment of interviews with comic creator, writer and cartoonist Aaron McGruder, and even prints some of the most controversial strips for the first time.
No wonder, then, that demographers are calling the 'oos "the decade of the exurb," with the fastest population growth happening way out in the boondocks, where a person might still drive and talk on his cell phone--assuming he can get a signal.
The Boondocks debuted in national syndication in April 1999 with its irreverent satire mining such hot-button subjects as the Iraq war, bird flu, interracial love, gay themes in film, the Bush White House, hip-hop and the very nature of American politics.
The Boondocks uses prime comics-page real estate to expose bigotry and oppression--which makes McGruder's indulgence in periodic sexism all the more disappointing.
Having said that, the book makes one itch to get out in the boondocks and rediscover the old boom-and-bust towns, diamond frauds, and Native American battle sites.