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Synonyms for boomy

improving, growing, or succeeding steadily

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Away from such idyllic surroundings, though, the MX-5 is perfectly polite and easy to live with around town while cruising is e'ortless, although the engine does become a bit boomy and road noise increases on the motorway.
Highlights include a boomy Bose sound system, full leather trim, heated front seats, with powered adjustments for the driver.
If they're not born in a country where they have citizenship, they need to get a report of birth from that country's embassy or consulate before or when they apply for its passport." Boomy is married to Orion with whom she has three sons: Stan, Oliver, and Lucas.
People might be a bit shoked at first but because you are such a kind man, they will soon reelize it is still the same twinkally eyes, still the same boomy laugh and still the same Santa.
Onstage, Beaty communicates Robeson's visionary posture eloquently with this line: "My height has enabled me to see what most cannot." He channels Robeson's boomy baritone with aplomb, giving the sentence additional gravitas.
The humour of this opera lies in its tounge-twisting dialogue, both said and sung, and the boomy acoustic (albeit in a beautiful setting) was giving them no help.
Perhaps microphone placement or a less "boomy" recording venue would have helped.
He was posted at Bopolo camp in Boomy County when he developed fever with rigors and chills, headache and one episode of vomiting on 4 April 2006.
The final step in coaching balance is to listen to the students playing in the actual performance space whenever possible, as adjustments will probably be necessary based on differences in pianos (their size, timbre and innate volume levels), room acoustics (dry or boomy), proximity of audience members and so forth.
The 1.5 sounds thrummy and boomy. More sound-deadening materials would have helped block this from the cabin.
A bakery, wine bar, organic clothing store, and spa are all worthy indulgences, but you've got to see the beach first: seven wide-open miles of sand, big boomy waves, and poetry-worthy sunsets.
Conductor Vasily Petrenko said: "Acoustically it was a bit difficult for us as the great hall is a very 'boomy' room, but I was excited about the number of people who danced.
Human voice, male and female, was rendered with startling realism and transparency--baritones were never boomy or chesty, yet the full power of their voices made for realistic ensemble, chorale, and especially operatic reproduction.