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Synonyms for booming

Synonyms for booming

improving, growing, or succeeding steadily

Synonyms for booming

very lively and profitable

used of the voice


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Experts - who use the males' foghorn-like booming call to survey the species - counting at least 164 birds at 71 sites, compared to 162 booming males at 78 sites last year.
Limassol, Cyprus, April 14, 2016 --( Slotegrator, an online casino software aggregator, and games content provider Booming Games are excited to announce a signed partnership agreement.
Jim Keffer, chairman of the House Energy Resources Committee, and David Porter, Texas railroad commissioner, discuss how to keep the boom booming.
- Shoreline booming strategies are implemented to protect sensitive habitats and minimize the consequences of an oil spill reaching shore.
Post-Civil War, when the national economy was booming, restrictions were lifted and immigration was encouraged.
Lastly, this advantage of transitioning from a fast-growing sector after its boom appears to be more related to the transferability of skills to other sectors rather than mere identification with the booming sector.