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Synonyms for boomerang

Synonyms for boomerang

to produce an unexpected and undesired result


Synonyms for boomerang

a miscalculation that recoils on its maker

return to the initial position from where it came

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With boomerang employees, the familiarity with practices and protocols at their former workplace means that getting back into the groove will be quicker.
Strang's range of special sports boomerangs are massive hits all around the world and this year he is planning a launch Down Under.
PLDT HOME executives with this year's Boomerangs. From left: PLDT VP and head of HOME marketing Gary Dujali, PLDT AVP and head of HOME fixed wireless solutions and digital marketing Ava Espanola, PLDT EVP and head of HOME business Ariel Fermin.
The Paper Boomerang Book: Build Them, Throw Them, and Get Them to Return Every Time.
In looking at the 12% responding who said they worked in health care, 27% reported being boomerangs. For this group, top reasons for returning were preferred work (44%), preferred people/management (33%), and preferred location (28%) (Bernard Hodes Group, 2007).
There are several theories about why boomerangs return to the thrower, but what is definitely known is that their operation has something to do with both the spinning of the boomerang in the air and the shape of its "wings." (The curved top of the wing forces the air to move faster over its top curved surface than over its flat bottom.
Making clay "boomerangs" is a very exciting lesson, especially when you give students some background information regarding the history of the boomerang.
There are four Boomerangs in Northwest Arkansas, with the most recent opening on Pleasant Grove Road in Rogers.
But Terry, of Burnhope, believes it to be proof that ancient Britons developed sophisticated boomerangs.
A 43-year-old woman was arrested at Bradley International Airport, Connecticut, on Sunday (30 June) after attempting to take boomerangs through a security checkpoint.
Made by Colorado Boomerangs (a dba for Windsport, LLC), Aurora, (303) 671-6878 or (800) 357-2647,
One might argue that pictures of fortune cookies and boomerangs abound in promotional literature, but that's because we are still educating our own communicators about these things.
Boomerang, pounds 7.99-pounds 24.99 from Rangs Boomerangs: 020 8785 7946 or check out 5 This Dunny sign is a must for your loo.
Go to the library and find out more about boomerangs.
Depictions of large battles, small skirmishes, and people attacking one another with spears and boomerangs document an ancient tradition of warrior art by aboriginal hunter-gatherers that extends from pre-agricultural times to the early part of this century.