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a town enjoying sudden prosperity

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Also, residents of the Boom Town, Eminrin, had to stay indoors till 12 noon before they could cross Ureje stream that devastated their environment.
"Boom Town is an elaborate, elliptical fun house of narratives: a story about a basketball team that's really a story about a city, or maybe it's the other way around; a story about a city that seems utterly unique and inexplicable, until you keep reading and start wondering if you're really just reading a story about America itself." JACK HAMILTON
Boom Town will likely end up on the must-read list for locals seeking confirmation that, yes, they are living in an era that will be historic someday, or by sports fans deeply in love with the Thunder and curious about its pedigree.
This article examines the impact of geographic mobility on consumer finances by focusing on the residents of "boom towns"--areas that saw a surge of growth in oil-drilling activity around 2010 and a bust thereafter.
A true boom town, the good wages available in its many industries attracted people of all races.
The image of a boom town is commonly used to describe exceptional conditions through which a village suddenly becomes a city.
These are just a few examples among many of the boom towns that have gone bust in the United States, but does a boom town necessarily have to go bust?
DEAR Editor, If HS2 was really capable of delivering significant growth to the region, Coventry, with its excellent London rail connection, would be a boom town. It is not, because there has been virtually no investment in the area since austerity began.
At the end of last month, a mentally ill man stabbed three passers-by to death and wounded five others in the southern boom town of Shenzhen, while another knifeman killed five people in Henan over land and business disputes.
Boom Town BBC3, 10pm Structured reality (think Made In Chelsea awkwardness) from selfconfessed eccentrics (people who make Helen Flanagan look shy).
WELCOME to Boom Town, a new structured reality show featuring Britain''''s most eccentric real-life people - the lives, passions and dialogue of the people in this show are, believe it or not, all entirely their own.
These document told of a boom town environment, the creation of a retail empire, and the sales of company stock which attracted some 60,000 investors--three times those though bought into the Ponzi scheme.
The city used to be known as 'Boom Town' as there were plenty of jobs and good wages.
Played by actress Emma Hirons, Bobbi will provide a fascinating insight into what life was like 250-years-ago as the first ever commercial wet dock propelled the city into a boom town.
MIDDLESBROUGH is a classic "Boom Town" as depicted in many films and historical novels.