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In an effort to maintain sales and give retailers additional profit margin opportunities, Thomson has started adding remote control and twin CD players to its leader priced boom boxes, said Collishaw.
Consequently, docks or dock-enabled boom boxes need not duplicate the higher level functions already present in the media player.
Automobiles, TV sets, boom boxes and skateboards will do very well, thank you.
Long Hall licenses the Nickelodeon name and has a line of clock radios, boom boxes and alarm clocks with bizarre designs taken from the popular children's network and targeted at kids.
At La Reina, several dozen students paraded through the school library to catch the program as it was broadcast from boom boxes and even over the Internet.
The company is concentrating its efforts on three categories: boom boxes, fanny packs and sports packs.
The product range today has been extended; DK digital offers a wide range of Consumer Electronic products, such as: surround systems, portable devices, Boom Boxes and also electronic accessories such as digital clocks and weather stations.
Can a modern teen-age girl find happiness in a summer college program where students aren't allowed to bring their CDs, boom boxes or televisions?
Huge product giveaways at the opening include a Gibson Les Paul Studio model guitar (with a one-of-a-kind 150th Guitar Center/Greenville logo), three Fender guitars, Audio-Technica microphones and headphones, Audix microphones, Dunlop pedals, Monster Cable key chains, TVs, DVD players, boom boxes, Xbox systems, DVDs, CDs and hundreds of T-shirts and hats from various manufacturers.
Electronics products handled by PGL for Sony range from boom boxes to DVD players to television sets and the components for their manufacture.
They posted a sign outside telling fans not to bring in alcoholic beverages, glass bottles or cups, balls, Frisbees, boom boxes, coolers, picnic baskets, fireworks, inflatables, noisemakers, chairs, strollers or video cameras, but said nothing about an IV.
com now extends the same low prices and excellent customer service to offer a wide variety of quality third party electronics such as MP3 players, DVD players, Boom boxes, memory sticks and digital cameras/camcorders.
Children played without crying, and adults caught up on the local gossip and swayed to the music of the bands or boom boxes.
While ``The Cosby Show'' wound down, Will Smith represented a new generation of African-American entertainers weaned on boom boxes and street slang.