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"I had these boom boxes and I thought `Why not take them?' I did and it sounded great?
Joester said that the company is currently in talks with a handful of consumer electronics companies in an effort to license products such as portable MP3 players, personal CD players and boom boxes.
But as we walked from the village of Darakeh, high at the city's northern fringe, through walled paths into the clefts of the hills, the sound of forbidden music echoed from boom boxes and strolling musicians.
The dancers catapulted off the underground I-beams as scraggly skateboarders, punks and squatters played xylophones and paraded boom boxes blasting composer Rinde Eckert's avant-garde melodies.
Winners receive of a beach house or beach-related merchandise, such as boom boxes, beach chairs, rafts, blankets and T-shirts.
And when they conduct drive-by shootings, it's because they pursue a "live-and-let-live urban lifestyle." Hence the notorious turf fights between the Friedman Brotherhood with their tattoos of "Born to Choose" and the Hayek Kings with their boom boxes blaring "Noncoercive As U Wanna Be."
The scientists there test the products we use every day--from bike helmets to boom boxes, cameras to cookies, TVs to trash bags.
Another popular tune blasting from boom boxes this summer is "Before I Let You Go," performed by New Jack Swing King Teddy Riley and his new crew, BLACKstreet.
Five boom boxes suspended high in the branches played the music of Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, and Thelonius Monk.
Outgoing sailors pile their teakwood dhows with Marlboros, Levis, and Panasonic boom boxes for the 12-hour return to Iran.
Boom boxes to play them on can be bought from Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind, 33 Earlsdon Avenue South, Earlsdon, Coventry.
13 sleeping bags, 13 chairs, some coolers, a small hatchet and three boom boxes. Right when he got through the door, Hastie started his FSU, which meant pretty much everything in his reach went flying.