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an operation that follows the rules of Boolean algebra

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Our main contributions in this work can be summarized as follows: (1) an improved SDF-generating technique is presented, (2) a highly optimized GPU kernel is designed to estimate the gradient required by LSM, and (3) an extremely fast Boolean operation method is proposed to obtain the needed geometries from the LSM output.
The constructive solid geometry (CSG) considers the modelling of solid objects using Boolean operations, which is useful for tasks requiring mathematical precision [27, 28].
By [2, Theorem 1], all states in S are distinguishable with respect to H ' o V ', for each boolean operation [??] [member of] {[intersection], [direct sum], \, [union]}.
All the materials that were considered in this study, were in the raster layer because Boolean operation worked on raster only, in the form of raster value of 1 and 0, where 1 was for suitable area and zero for unsuitable (Mahini and Gholamalifard, 2006).
[89] gave an algorithm to implement the Boolean operation of two STL solids based on tracing the intersection line segments to form loops.
et al., 1999) and not on the Boolean operations (reunion, intersection, difference).
Then through Boolean operation the modified shape of the mould would influence on the shape of whirl pump.
Any primitive or polygon objects (including the new Fields objects) can be combined to create complex objects using Boolean operations. Volumes created in Cinema 4D can be exported sequentially in the Vdb format and can be used in any application or render engine that supports OpenVDB.
Firstly, Boolean operations based on R-functions are introduced to generate an implicit function for expressing a geometric object.
Students were asked to apply Boolean operations to 3-D objects, create shapes using Autodesk 123D design software and model various parts of LEGO blocks.
dinamo work in a complete environment that allow the modeling of the sections by using an integrated 2D CAD which offer some advanced tools like boolean operations and complex editing.
The intramedullary pin was removed by Boolean operations before fixation was dislodged.
In particular, we conjecture that any family of sets [S.sub.t]--defined with quantifiers ([for all], [there exists]), boolean operations (and, or, not), and statements of the form a(t) x x [less than or equal to] b(t) (where a(t) [member of] Q[[t].sup.d], b(t) [member of] Q[t], and x is the standard dot product)--exhibits eventual quasi- polynomial behavior, as well as rational generating function behavior.
Not surprisingly, the final results of these calculations are much less evident to students than the results of Boolean operations with document sets.