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Synonyms for bookworm

a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit

someone who spends a great deal of time reading

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Every weekend, hundreds of bookworms flock to Liyuan Library on the outskirts of Beijing (AFP / MANILA BULLETIN)
Bookworms - Maia Brown and Noah Laing enjoy the new library and its books
Summary: Dubai [UAE], Mar 27 (ANI): If you are a bookworm and happen to be in Dubai, then you must not miss a chance to visit the city's first-ever 24x7 'trust' bookshop and that too with no 'support staff'.
Life in Egypt is hard for bookworms who must wait for the release day of that book they have been eyeing for almost a year, and then have to wait a few more weeks to actually get it in Egypt.
Norah Hill will be running the classes at Boro Bookworm, in the Forbes Building on Linthorpe Road, during the school summer holidays.
"Luckily, my son is a real little bookworm and goes from book to book, while Princess is just starting to catch the reading bug too.
YOUNG bookworms are adding a new chapter to their school fundraising activities by taking part in a huge readathon.
A CUTE guest is set to get young bookworms into the festive spirit.
MEMBERS of a Coventry book club are appealing for more bookworms to join them.
Eman Al Ghawas founded Bookworms with the aim of making reading fun and exciting for youngsters in the hope of creating avid readers and intellectuals in the years to come.
Bookworms: There's something about the cold, combined with a lack of anything on TV we actually fancy watching, which makes us want to curl up with a good book at this time of year.
November 4, 11, 18 &25: Bookworms in the library at Centrepoint at 16:00
YOUNG bookworms in Llangollen and surrounding areas are invited to come and meet a children's author at Llangollen Library next month.
Young readers in grades 2-3 will appreciate the BOOKWORMS GO, CRITTER, GO!
BOOKWORMS will have the chance to choose new furniture for the city's new libraries from next week.