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Synonyms for bookworm

a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit

someone who spends a great deal of time reading

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Life in Egypt is hard for bookworms who must wait for the release day of that book they have been eyeing for almost a year, and then have to wait a few more weeks to actually get it in Egypt.
Norah Hill will be running the classes at Boro Bookworm, in the Forbes Building on Linthorpe Road, during the school summer holidays.
Luckily, my son is a real little bookworm and goes from book to book, while Princess is just starting to catch the reading bug too.
Bookworms was founded in 2010 and had a small following, but volunteers now cater to children's parties, reading corners in malls, school programmes and private services for families in both Arabic and English.
Gemma Oughton, 13, used the image of a bookworm to win the 11-15 category.
Bookworms browsed through a vast array of donated books, from thrillers to romance novels.
Sun Valley students were enthusiastic as Bush visited teacher Matthew Watson's classroom, where a phonics-based language curriculum has transformed kids who hated to read into bookworms.
In Bonnie Farmer's ABC: Letters In The Library, childeren ages 2 to 7 will enjoy the cheerfully colorful illustrations of Chum McLeod as they explore the alphabet, narrated in sentences with library themes: "A: Aisles of authors are arranged alphabetically / B: Beautiful books dazzle browsing bookworms / C: Humming computers collect countless call numbers".
And, not surprisingly, all of the avid bookworms shined in language arts.
where he doesn't play sports and is so far down the social ladder that he is below the bookworms.
Audiotapes make great gifts for you or for the bookworms in your life.
Using the voices of British celebrities, animated bookworms discuss their favorite books.
BOOKWORMS are being encouraged to turn over a new leaf - by learning about other languages and cultures.
BOOKWORMS have a last chance to join in a literary festival.
YOUNG bookworms will soon be able to chat about their love of reading with the launch of a new club.