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Synonyms for bookworm

a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit

someone who spends a great deal of time reading

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During Saturday's massive book giveaway at the recently closed Bookworm bookstore, customers stocked up on lots of free books, but also donated $3,241 to St.
Dubai [UAE], Mar 27 ( ANI ): If you are a bookworm and happen to be in Dubai, then you must not miss a chance to visit the city's first-ever 24x7 'trust' bookshop and that too with no 'support staff'.
The Reading Bee's Shop, a homegrown bookish merchandise online shop, launches to offer bookworms in Egypt an array of merchandise.
Looking on as the skip was filled and re-filled was Peter MacKenzie, the former joint owner of Bookworm.
Khadim Huisain, of Boro Bookworm, who is himself a published author, said: "This is the first of many more to come.
| LOTS TO READ: Champion bookworm Maariya Malik, above, and right with friends at Moorlands School, Mount - Liam Farrell, Eleanor Trueman, Rosie Howarth, Eleanor Keene, Ebony Arthur, Daniyah Ali, Lily Beth Hirst and Grace Millington (JH160513Emaariya)
Eman Al Ghawas founded Bookworms with the aim of making reading fun and exciting for youngsters in the hope of creating avid readers and intellectuals in the years to come.
Cue a marvellous adventure for Boo, who must capture the greedy Bookworm (Carl Kennedy) by following him into the magical world of books.
Books are presented clutter-free with time-pressed parents and shoppers in mind "Our Gift Selection Service has been well received for it's time saving benefits for busy parents and relatives not conversant with children literature looking to buy children's books," states Bola Ajumobi, founder of Slimy Bookworm.
LENNON Find out more about the John Lennon Tribute Season BIENNIAL Read news and views on Liverpool''s international art festival LFC IN COURT Get updates as the court drama unfolds through the day TOP FIVE 1 Tweeting bookworm John Henry looks to replace Anfield''s cowboy at Liverpool FC 2 Liverpool Vision to be brought back under city council control as part of shake-up 3 Anfield residents have mixed feelings over Liverpool FC ownership battle 4 John Lennon peace monument unveiled at Liverpool One 5 Teenager charged with murder of James McVey outside Liverpool social club
Marking PopCap's entry into the DSiWare(TM) category, this version of Bookworm delivers the highest caliber of gameplay available in a downloadable title that has been optimized for the Nintendo DSiWare platform.
That bookworm in his funeral jacket is your new Outtakes writer, a native Arkansan who went north to study, then east to work, and arrives having been employed by seven newspapers, six magazines, a Web-production outfit and a TV station.
This might solve your problem, or as an alternative there's the spiralshaped Bookworm which you can get from
"The Bookworm Sez" column, launched in 2003, is now in nearly 200 newspapers.
6 Make a bookworm. Every time a child reads a book, the bookworm grows longer.