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Synonyms for bookstore

a shop where books are sold

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The ACA Bookstore carries the following resources, which maybe useful for kitchen staff training.
Liberals spent far more than conservatives in the college bookstore, by a factor of nearly 3:2.
Students are rewarded with Virtual Bookstore in-store credit for purchases they would already be making from a variety of over 300 popular online retailers.
As a result, students are excluded from purchasing their books from Wolf Bookstore at a more competitive price.
Barbara's Bookstore is reportedly opening at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.
The argument that annoys me the most, quoting Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, is that the United Church has closed its downtown bookstore and "doesn't regret it.
Gay op-ed pages abound with condemnations of the formulaic treatment we receive on television sitcoms, but any defense of the gay bookstore and the much wider array of representations it offers is weak at best.
They don't carry backlist, they don't do special orders, they don't do what a bookstore does.
Lewis's New Orleans home and bookstore in Lake Forest Plaza Mall were in the eastern part of the city--the area hardest hit by the storm--and she lost everything there.
Self-Publishing Fiction: From Manuscript To Bookstore And Beyond is a step-by-step guide to publishing one's novel with no more than a manuscript, a computer, and some hard work--mountains of money not required
The University of Oregon Bookstore announced Friday that it will redevelop warehouse property it owns across Eighth Avenue from the site of a planned $70 million federal courthouse in Eugene.
The ACA Bookstore will begin offering a wider selection of books in the coming weeks.