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a shop where books are sold

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Cornell loved to roam used bookstalls of lower Manhattan sorting through ephemera in search of inspiration: his discovery of an old journey of advice for farmers sparked his efforts to reinvent the production with collages, photomontages, and drawings.
The first two days of the Muscat International Book Fair 2012 witnessed an unprecedented number of people flocking at the tens of bookstalls as more than 110,000 titles were lined up for grab.
KABUL (PAN): A researched-based book "Khanan Pa Bollywood Ki" (Khans in Bollywood), authored by an Afghan writer and journalist in Pashto language, has hit the bookstalls in Kabul.
A judge said he had used his experience fighting with the Taliban as a "tool of recruitment to run the "Manchester recruitment centre" from Islamic bookstalls in the city.
Farooqi had used his experiences fighting with the Taliban as a "tool of recruitment" to run the Manchester centre from Islamic bookstalls in the city.
Hundreds of bookstalls are set up for last many years on the footpaths of Kashmir Road, Bank Road and Haider Road on every Sunday.
Don't head off straight to that fancy bookshop at the mall, why don't you first check out what reading material people around you have and what you can get from second-hand bookstalls in the local market.
New York, March 7 (ANI): Model/actress Carole Mallory has revealed her sexcapades with Norman Mailer in a tell-all book "Loving Mailer," slated to hit bookstalls next month.
Stephen Colclough chronicles the career of John Menzies, owner of twenty-one railway bookstalls by the late 1870s.
The Gulf will also be available on bookstalls throughout the GCC and in key cities elsewhere such as London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Beijing and Hong Kong.
We provide books that aren't available in bookstalls and sometimes import books from outside and this makes us distinguished regardless our prices," said Othman Ali, the owner of a bookshop.
Whilst mam, Merys and I scoured the bookstalls, Buddha attended a talk on the exploitation of domestic animals in mod ern literature.
This article draws on previously unrecorded evidence in the Sonnenschein archive to discuss how this shilling novel, with its politically topical satire, was marketed and sold to its readers at railway bookstalls.
Therese Raquin Malvern Theatres EMILE Zola's 19th century shocker drew a predictable response from an offended bourgeois readership when it first appeared on the Paris bookstalls.
Bookstalls set up by various publishers are one of the main attractions that offer books on concessional rates to promote reading culture.