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a shop where books are sold

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Sometimes, big bookstalls don't have certain titles and they have to order it from abroad.
Tahirullah Khan of IJT said that about 10 bookstalls were set up by girls, displaying titles on women-related topics where girl students purchased books either required for their studies or suited their taste.
Director FAC Sophia Bedar talking with Radio Pakistan informed that bookstalls have been set up there which are a special attraction for book readers.
Also two Hindi bookstalls and three book stalls from Bangladesh have also been set up.
At a time when the entire nation is celebrating Defence Day on September 6, 2018 (today) remembering its civilian and armed forces martyrs who laid down their lives for the defence of the country, a book 'Sabz Hilali Parcham Apna' paying poetic tributes to the fearless soldiers of Pakistan has hit bookstalls. The book according to its author Najaf Ali Shah Bukhari a well-known poet is in fact a dedication to the martyrs of this land and a tribute to the soldiers who are facing odds of all kinds to defend the country.
Over 30 bookstalls will be set up at the book fair where books on diversified subjects will be available on discounted rates up to 50 percent for the visitors.
uMamnoon inaugurates NBF-backed four-day national book festivalOver 29 bookstalls, including foreigners, set up by 110 publishersISLAMABAD:President Mamnoon Hussain on Friday called for translating books on health, medicine, engineering, sciences and arts in theUrdu language to encourage and instill amongst the people the habit of reading.Addressing the inauguration of the annual National Book Festival here at the Pak-China Friendship Centre, he said that a lot many bright students of Pakistan could not make it up to the top in education, only because the mode of teaching was not in the Urdu language.
""My original aim was to write a book that would sell on airport bookstalls," he told reporters at the time.
The event was inaugurated by Dean Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences (MGSHSS), Dr Kamran Asdar Ali, who also visited various bookstalls along with Dr Nadeem Siddique, Manager LUMS Library.
Thousands of people from all walks of life, especially a large number of families, thronged PU book fair and purchased books of their interest from bookstalls. During the last hours, the book sellers started to provide more than 50 percent discount on books because of which the sale of books gained an extra-ordinary momentum.
Bookstalls are a regular feature on many county grounds, giving supporters something to occupy them when the players are off the field (or on it in the case of some bored wives!)
One factor that attracts buyers to the bookstalls splaying their goods on the sidewalks around Tahrir Square is the low cost of the books on offer.
LAHORE -- Thousands of people from all walks of life, especially a large number of families, thronged PU book fair and purchased books of their interest from bookstalls on the concluding third day (Saturday).
Cornell loved to roam used bookstalls of lower Manhattan sorting through ephemera in search of inspiration: his discovery of an old journey of advice for farmers sparked his efforts to reinvent the production with collages, photomontages, and drawings.
on the bookstalls. Within minutes of the verdict, packages of the the unexpurgated book were being dispatched from the Penguin Books works in Middlesex.