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a shop where books are sold

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He inherited the business from his father and following his family tradition, he sets up his makeshift bookstall on the footpath every Sunday.
Significant was the lone bookstall of Pak Nur Foundation displayed by a young Turkish bookseller, Sinan Baran, who participated for the first time in the book fair.
Doors will be open from 6.45pm for members and visitors to enjoy light refreshments and browse our bookstall prior to the start of the meeting.
"We don't have Shakespeare books anymore because there is really no demand for them," said Sarfaraz Nawaz, sales supervisor at Jashanmal bookstall at SIBF, which ends on Saturday.
1848: WH Smith opened its first railway bookstall at Euston Station, London, the start of multiple retailing in Britain.
As an undergraduate Scott happened upon two old books in a Dundee secondhand bookstall: Social Evolution (1894) and Group Mind (1920); which made him aware of the pre-history of the current sociological concerns to which he was being exposed to as a student.
Bookstall holder Richard Newton, 34, is 'a great lover of books' which he likes to share with as many people as possible.
Retailers taking part include Liverpool favourite Matta's International Foods , who will be giving out samples outside, live music performances by Dig Vinyl , while News From Nowhere will be holding its famous "Bolshy Bargain Bookstall" outside the long-established bookshop.
e library is hosting a bookstall until 5pm where teachers, parents and carers are urged to bring their children to use their World Book Day vouchers given out through schools.
The area, which is home to the city's main public library, is a bustling public space that draws readers and would-be book buyers from far and wide, and for bookstall owners business is looking up.
The EDL plans another march in Norwich this November, citing a decision to ban a Christian bookstall as a reason for the demonstration.
The document was discovered in the Massachusetts Historical Society, where it had been sent after it was found in a bookstall in Paris early in the 19th century.
We enjoyed attending many events during the festival period such as the quiz in the Recreation Club hosted by Mark Labett (who is one of the Chasers on the ITV programme The Chaser), the first farmers' market in Rhiwbina, the Rhiwbeina Primary School Fete, open gardens, Rhiwbina Trefoil Guild Bookstall and a coffee and cake morning we organised for the British Heart Foundation.
After enjoying a mango he sees an older boy Chima sneaking a look at a book at the bookstall: "That Chima boy thinks my bookstall is a library" complains the merchant.
MY son, who is studying in class six, told me that his teacher asked him to buy a French workbook from a particular bookstall in Manama.