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a shop where books are sold

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Bookshop numbers dropped from 1,900 in 1995 to 880 in 2018, but are now showing signs of recovery.
Friday marks the start of Independent Bookshop Week, a festival of all things literary where the independent bookshops fight back against the online behemoths.
Bookshops are having a tough time of it, but the situation in Scotland is alleviated by the tenacity and dedication of many of our independent booksellers.
Drake The Bookshop in Stockton has been named regional winner for the North in The British Book Awards.
An online bookshop selling individual titles and book subscriptions has been launched by Alex Call, formerly head of books marketing at W H Smith, booktrade news company The Bookseller revealed on Tuesday.
The temples of modern virtual civilisations mobile phones, airtime, gadgetry and the like are displacing some of the most treasured bookshops in Nairobi and other towns in the country.A bookshop in a town, or a library in a school or a community, is a repository of the finest inheritance of any generation.
This is the second year that the number of independent bookshop joining BA has grown, with 15 bookshops joining the organisation in 2018.
Lord John Bird, founder of the Big Issue magazine, is backing the Independent Bookshops Alliance.
One child is gently admonished to find something more stimulating to read, while a question about medical textbooks from a mother and daughter soon turns into an animated discussion about India-Pakistan relations, according to theGuardian.Tucked away in the corner of a busy commercial sector, unassuming Jumbo Books has iconic status among Islamabad's "old bookshops", as secondhand book stores are known here.
There are books, stationery items and much more for the children and students especially in the number of renowned capital's bookshops. Hundreds of thousands books on different topics are available in these bookshops selling these at low discounted prices.
The new year could bring a new cultural centre in antiquarian bookshop.One of the biggest antiquarian bookshops in Europe, the estate of the deceased antiquary Tibor urak from Leopoldov, has been stored in Trnava in the office building Tatrasklo for several months.
Librerias, translated as Bookshops (the English edition carries the subtitle A Reader's History, not present in the Spanish), was a finalist for the Anagrama Essay Prize in 2013.
Marilyn Nicolle, aged 63, of Swansea Marina, who has worked in a series of bookshops, said the closure would mean Swansea would be left with just one independent bookseller.
Victoria posted the letter on Twitter where it amused the bookshops followers who made jokes about keeping the poetry and songs clean.