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a shop where books are sold

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While the overall picture in terms of the number of independent booksellers in the UK is still one of contraction, we continue to do as much as we can to support booksellers, whose presence on the high street makes such an essential contribution to culture in the UK," Tim Godfray, the chief executive of the Booksellers Association, which represents independent bookshops, said.
Tawfiq Al-Hatimi, owner of Al-Batool Bookshop near Sana'a University expressed his
Situated on the Cotswold Way, Blandford Books is a general bookshop that also has an extensive map and walking guide range for tourists visiting the area.
The service, BookRabbit (tm), gives consumers with an Internet enabled mobile phone, details of where their nearest bookshop is, upon entry of just a postcode or location.
WRITERS who have based their careers in Birmingham descended on a city bookshop as part of a project aimed at breaking down literary barriers to ethnic communities.
With Cheshires, they were the most significant two bookshops in Melbourne.
A COUPLE are fighting to keep their Liverpool bookshop from being bulldozed in a flagship regeneration scheme.
A SCHEME to help beleaguered local bookshops fight off the crushing competition from the national retail chains has been launched by a Sale-based company.
Waterstone's owner HMV has ditched the name of newly-acquired Ottakar's as it outlined plans to close bookshops and offices which could threaten around 200 jobs.
ISLAMIC bookshops across Britain are STILL fanning the flames of terrorism by openly selling hate-filled books and DVDs.
Meanwhile Yapa, who owns Sri Lanka's largest chain of bookshops and employs 150 people, faces a trading loss for the year
A BID to turn round the fortunes of a run-down former industrial town began yesterday with the simultaneous opening of 10 secondhand bookshops.
For more information: Blackwell's Bookshops, 21 Blenheim Terrace, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 9HJ, U.