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a shop where books are sold

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The association, with a seat in Hlohovec, tries to save and restart unique antiquarian bookshops, according to its head Miroslav Dvoran.
In the chapter "Bookshops Fated to Be Political," Carrion moves between Hitler's Germany to Cold War Berlin and, not surprisingly, to Cuba, to discuss the role bookshops have played in fomenting and propping up totalitarian regimes.
He also stated that there had been a lack of standout bestsellers in the year to date, but for people who buy books, and for high-end bookshops, it had been a good year.
It is in one of the bookshops that the tunnel had been dug.
IT'S the end of a chapter for an independent bookshop which has been at the heart of a Swansea community for 70 years.
STAFF at a bookshop were surprised to get an anonymous letter complaining the poetry read out at fortnightly evening events is too rude.
The fund was launched by the book publisher to help bookshops fund projects that promote reading in the community.
Here's a short list of Metro Manila's budget bookshops where good reads and great prices prove a perfect match.
The venue of the fair in Karachi would be at the five Oxford bookshops whereas it would also be held at such bookshops in various parts of the country.
Since the grant scheme began in 2014, James Patterson has donated 272 grants, worth PS500,000, to independent bookshops across the UK.
It's also a love story to bookshops and reading, with the various 'top 10 lists' interspersed between chapters ('Musical Novels', 'Literary Country Houses', 'Cult Classics') tempting us to cross them off our bucket list.
These are the two favorite independent bookshops in Algiers from translator-scholar Nadia Ghanem, who says, "there are bookstores opened by state publishers (ENAG, ANEP) and by publishing houses (ex Chihab eds, Dalimen eds, Barzakh eds have their own publishing houses in Algiers).
Summary: UK's smaller bookshops look to thrive on selling ideology and economics
Bound is riding the wave of a resurgence in small bookshops--worldwide, independent bookshops are steadily coming back into fashion.
The Guardian newspaper then asked him to make a list of his ten favorite bookshops.