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a shelf on which to keep books

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The Leader's Bookshelf synthesizes their responses to identify the top fifty that can help virtually anyone become a better leader.
'My Bookshelf' was established with objective to promote book culture and reading habits among the people.
With my enthusiasm in reading, I managed to optimize the minimal space I have in my room by having a wall bookshelf.
THE alleged white supremacist accused of murdering MP Jo Cox had a Third Reich eagle ornament on a bookshelf at his home, a court has heard.
Bookshelf is a small, pocket-sized book that covers the history, form, and function of the bookshelf.
Local resident and campaigner Tony Birtill said: "At first we were delighted to see rows of books on the shelves near the entrance, but on closer inspection these turned out to be wallpaper with a bookshelf design on it.
Massive expansion projects demanded a new type of bookshelf, different than the typical wooden model with fixed shelving.
Anticipate surprisingly lavish production that doesn't challenge the bookshelf with an oversized format but succeeds in offering broad overviews that blend examples of modern art with in-depth discussions of their influences, presented in seven themed sections for quick at-a-glance reference.
Copper Kitchen Wall Clock, PS34, from The Contemporary Home Bookshelf clock, PS35, from The Contemporary Home | Large Home Mantle Clock, PS19.95, from Iron Skeleton Wall Clock, PS49, from Umbra Cage Wall Clock, PS60, from | The Butterfly Clock using wall stickers and a Karlsson timepiece, PS29.99, from
Bedroom one has a king-size bed, bedside cabinets, a fitted wardrobe and a bookshelf.
Rich colors like navy blue or red can make the bookshelf stand out.
SUPER STORAGE AGEA SOLUTIONS SEBRA BOOKSHELF THESE contemporary solid wood bookshelves are a stylish way to add colour to a child's room, and can be used either vertically or horizontally to store books or children's essentials.
Before putting anything back on the shelves, consider painting a bookshelf's interior, or covering the wall behind an open bookshelf with wallpaper or another wall covering.
That was my hope when, 20 years ago, I began compiling a bookshelf of works about biographical research for an exhibition at the University of South Carolina's Museum of Education.