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a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pasted

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The single most desirable, and therefore most valuable, early American bookplate is the one used by George Washington, so, naturally, a forgery and several reproductions altered to fool the unwary are known to exist.
More than 50 of Hamanishi's bookplate originals are included in the show.
This would suggest the plan of designing a bookplate was underway.
Half lout half dreamer'--this is much the perception of Glover's character suggested by the contrast between Bensemann's two depictions in the bookplate and oil painting, so it is endrely possible that Glover read the painting as something of a portrait of himself.
Since its inception in the 1500s, the bookplate has not significantly changed its form, typically ranging in size from about 4 x 2 inches to 5 x 8 inches.
These bookplates replaced book rhymes, a short poem or rhyme inside a book to discourage theft by indicating ownership, following the 19th century.
The digital bookplate program at Western Libraries began as a result of investigation into best practices at universities such as Duke, Harvard, and the University of Las Vegas.
After returning to Boston, she established a studio and became an influential Arts and Crafts bookbinder, known for her book cover designs, hand-tooled bindings, and bookplates.
Perhaps I am being churlish to make such criticisms for it is a book designed to be given as a loved gift, it even has a bookplate as part of the frontispiece.
Each set arrives in a handsome wood-inlaid box, with embossed medallions of Yoda and Vader on either side, and comes with a portfolio case with a bookplate signed by Lucas himself.
The book is in the parlor, her name in calligraphy on the bookplate, beside the Bible, an atlas, a dictionary of home remedies, and her grammar and algebra texts from school.
The CHS bookplate collection, which merges literature with art and typography, preserves this time-honored hobby and confirms its appeal.
Lorna Barrett's BOOKPLATE SPECIAL (9780425231197, $7.
The copy in the Osborne Canadiana Collection is inscribed 'Wishing Mother a Happy | Christmas | from < > Lilian | 1911' and has a bookplate indicating that the book was a bequest to the Osborne Collection in memory of John Sullivan Hayes and Ann Elliot Hayes.
The handwritten inscription at the top of the bookplate of J Mason Warren is "Dr T.