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a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pasted

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Listed in the 'Back Library' are also solander boxes with collections of bookplates, 'superlibros', and 'verso labels, book labels, gift labels, booksellers and circulating library labels, [and] tradesmen's labels'.
The 1920s and 1930s saw the growth of the woodcut bookplate. Barnett acknowledges that the best proponents of this during that period were Roy Davies, Adrian Feint, Philip Litchfield, Sydney Long, Pixie O'Harris and Ella Dwyer.
The raison d'etre for the bookplate has changed considerably over the centuries.
Among the more collectible physical objects of this genre are bookplates, of which Mainz's Gutenberg-Museum possesses around a hundred examples (among a total holding of nearly 100,000 Exlibris; see pp.
The inner front cover of Sainsbury's Dictionary of Musicians has an impressively decorative armorial bookplate that, with the help of heraldry sources, can be assigned to the Scottish family of Henry Erroll Stuart Sherson (1858-1934).
"Sometimes after he creates their bookplate prints, he will use the idea to create one of his large art pieces."
The initials "E.K." (the same in Russian and English) conceal the identity of a bookplate designer unknown to Western bookplate literature, yet appear on the bookplate design belonging to Ivan and Natalia Il'in.
In these books, I have placed my own bookplate, which includes the motto Coeli enarrant gloriam Dei--"The heavens are telling the glory of God" (as translated in Haydn's glorious Creation oratorio).
HONEY POT Honey pot yellow, Tesco,, PS8.95 Tc LAMP SHADE Carriera butterfly cut out shade, B&Q,, PS14.98 y BEETLE CUSHION Ian Snow scarab beetle cushion, Wayfair,, PS14.26 WALLPAPER Bumblebee wallpaper, Farrow and Ball,, PS80 per/roll SPEND ART PRINTS Framed antique insect bookplate print, Magpie Living,, PS40 each TEA LIGHT HOLDER OLDER Set of botanical tea light candle holders, Not On The High Street,, PS19.95 HONEY POT LAMP SHADE John Lewis easy to fit Harriet ceiling shade,, PS40 Le Creuset honey pot and dipper, John Lewis, www.johnlewis.PS ewis,, 19.20 DRAGONFLY CUSHION Cushion, Silverbirch, www.
He next moved to caricatures of individuals, including visiting musicians (including Leff Pouishnoff, Mischa Levitzki and Feodor Chaliapin) and friends such as Lawrence Baigent and Ian Milner, then to providing drawings for bookplates It was in bookplate drawings that his penchant for the grotesque first showed itself.
Whistler produced a bookplate for them in 1931 and decorated their London house in Gower Street in 1935.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkish artist Hasip PektaE-'s newest solo exhibition, titled "Resimler, Ekslibrisler" (pictures, ex libris) and featuring a selection of bookplate designs, also known as ex libris art, opened on Jan.
Also, customers will also be able to include a personalised bookplate with their donation, allowing for gifts to be donated in someone's honour or memory.
The only active means of donor recognition issued directly through the Libraries was a traditional print-based bookplate program, which was becoming burdensome for library staff and was impossible to apply to a growing digital library collection.