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a van with shelves of books

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The district polled its staff and community about possible new uses, and received many creative ideas, including a bookmobile, mobile food pantry, an art center, and a space to reward positive behavior, according to district communications director Tim Adkins.
As with bookmobiles in general, it still holds appeal as a moving, mini-library, but youth are also engaged in the tech programming we offer.
These bookmobiles will find their routes coming to an end when the new libraries open.
Budgetary restraints and other considerations make it unlikely that the bookmobile will be replaced.
In 1965, there were nearly 2000 bookmobiles in service.
Other examples include a digital voting system using touchscreens, use of ultraviolet light to disinfect wastewater, a special filter to recycle oil during the operation of city buses, a project to assess willingness to use technology instead of roadways to encourage a clean environment and a "cybermobile" to encourage computer literacy in the spirit of community bookmobiles.
Libraries have been providing site or location shifting for years through branch libraries, bookmobiles, and books by mail.
Bookmobiles in Fairfax, Virginia, and Syracuse, New York, were eliminated.
It is the first of two new bookmobiles that will serve 28 Denver Public Schools (DPS) and 15 community centers.
Bookmobiles make about 25 stops six days a week traveling across the county and the Library provides services to 40 senior living facilities and 130 homebound individuals.
Such vehicles used to be simply known as bookmobiles, but as City Manager Michael V.
The results from these surveys are released in an annual report which documents the structure of the nation's public library system, providing counts of central libraries, branches, and bookmobiles.
All she knows is that library staff have got their work cut out for them the next few months, figuring out what CDs will go to which of the system's 88 libraries and bookmobiles, including branches in Valencia, Newhall and Canyon Country, plus a Bookmobile that visits Val Verde and Friendly Valley.
Bookmobiles have been part of library service in Eugene since at least the mid-1960s, when two of them plied the city's neighborhoods on regular weekly rounds.