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a van with shelves of books

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Repurposing buses no longer suitable for daily transportation has provided schools with mobile makerspaces, traveling cafes and bookmobiles.
The John Philip Award recognizes outstanding contributions and prominent leadership by an individual in Bookmobile and Outreach Services.
The department runs three other bookmobiles, each with their own focus: The Early Literacy Mobile, which serves youth; the Library on Wheels, which mainly serves older adults; and the Green Bookmobile, an eco-friendly bus used for festivals and regular service on Treasure Island, an island in the Bay between Oakland and San Francisco with no dedicated branch library.
com/bibliotecas/ digital-bookmobile-la-biblioteca-movil-sinlibros; Digital bookmobile http://www.
The Digital Bookmobile has traveled 18,000 miles and hosted more than 150 events with 25,000 library patrons and staff in 28 states and Canadian provinces since launching its national tour in New York in August 2008.
It begins quite by chance and unfolds gradually, after the Queen stumbles upon the bookmobile that regularly visits for the convenience of the palace staff.
The Queen's corgis come upon a bookmobile parked at Buckingham Palace.
WHEN VANESSE LLOYD-SGAMBATI was a girl, she read Langston Hughes and travel books, courtesy of a Bookmobile that visited her southwest Philadelphia neighborhood.
A country town where everyone has a book in hand waits for Six white horses, which turns out to be a bookmobile.
95) pairs pictures by Marc Brown with the zany story of a librarian who drives her bookmobile into a zoo--introducing the birds and beasts to reading.
The group has raised more than $120,000; has fully funded the Internet Bookmobile Project; and is committed to supporting the Youth Media Exchange, a low-power FM radio network, a donor-driven television channel, and a support system for independent magazines and newspapers.
Finding Internet access at a public library is not unusual, but the staff of the Sterling Municipal Library in Baytown, TX, had a broader vision in mind-curbside Internet access for patrons of their roving bookmobile.
These include workshops, family days, museum tours, and Wheels of Wonder, a former bookmobile transformed into a rolling work of art that brings art and reading programs to schools and libraries (see the December 2001 Looking and Learning feature).
Located in Charleston, West Virginia, KCPL has 10 branches and a bookmobile that provide year-round service to all areas of the county.