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a van with shelves of books

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It was, she told herself firmly, impossible that Bookmobile No.
Marie also rides in the bookmobile between her troupe's shows to discover the untamed beauty of eastern Quebec, and to explore her emotions for the Chauffeur.
Bookmobiles in Fairfax, Virginia, and Syracuse, New York, were eliminated.
In addition to the sponsorship, since 2007, Best Western hotel owners and staff have reached into their own pockets to donate nearly $130,000 to purchase 65,000 books to help stock the Bookmobile.
The Bookmobile brings library service to the rural communities of Columbia County and makes access to information, literature and ideas easier.
Activities under way or planned include parenting support-group meetings, conflict-resolution classes, after-school tutoring, bookmobile stops at 10:30 a.
4 percent) have at least one public library outlet (central or branch library or bookmobile service), averaging 3.
The North Central Regional Library BookMobile visits the market Wednesdays from 1:30 to 4 p:m.
She would continue on to work as a bookmobile operator for the Worcester Public Library, until she found her calling helping women and children in crisis as a Shelter Director and Counselor for the YWCA.
It was 2005 when Tishman and his wife, Lisa Freinkel, director of the Comparative Literature Program at the University of Oregon, perused The Register-Guard classifieds and spotted an ad for a bookmobile.
All of the proceeds go to the Friends, who divide the money among the city's three libraries and bookmobile, providing for programs and improvements not covered by county budgets.
There are over 1,100 bookmobiles operating in the United States, and 75 percent of bookmobile stops are in communities of less than 5,000 people (Boyce & Boyce, 1991, p.
DENVER -- The Denver Public Library's (DPL) new Reading Rocket bookmobile will hit the road today, making its first stop at Schmitt Elementary in the Ruby Hill neighborhood.
Tenders are invited for Bookmobile for the State of Utah Library System
The city's newest bookmobile, "Lilly,'' is helping make that happen.