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It is that dismissed cultural milieu that is Chris Hilliard's subject in The Bookmen's Dominion.
The prevailing poetics of the bookmen and 'penwomen' were Georgian, as is well recognised.
Chris Hilliard's The Bookmen's Dominion is an excellent example of what cultural studies can achieve when practiced by someone with a comprehensive grasp of his field.
These wholesalers join Baker & Taylor, Koen Distributors, Koen-Pacific, Login Brothers, and The Bookmen, whose inventories already are displayed on The Title Source II.
The mayor solicited the donation of the 225 dictionaries she distributed from Target Stores and Bookmen, Inc.
Wealthier bookmen were in a position to provide their daughters with more substantial dowries: in 1592 the printer Giovanni Varisco provided a dowry of 3,000 ducats for his daughter, who married a merchant.
Historians and bibliographers have often characterized the world of bookmen as close-knit.