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The prevailing poetics of the bookmen and 'penwomen' were Georgian, as is well recognised.
What: Imprints, a black and white photographic collection by renowned photographer Tom Berthiaume, was commissioned by the Bookmen Stacks Building to celebrate the strength of Twin Cities prominent civic and arts leaders.
Wealthier bookmen were in a position to provide their daughters with more substantial dowries: in 1592 the printer Giovanni Varisco provided a dowry of 3,000 ducats for his daughter, who married a merchant.
Historians and bibliographers have often characterized the world of bookmen as close-knit.
Among the other bookmen whose shops were in the same area during the latter half of the sixteenth century are the printer Giorgio Marescotti, the bookseller Lorenzo di Giovanni Barischi, and the printers Antonio di Stefano Guiducci and his son Alessandro, all four of whom lived on Via Condotta, one of the streets leading into the Badia (and still dominated today by stationers and engravers).