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a marker (a piece of paper or ribbon) placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader's place


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Sharjah [Pakistan], Mar.3 ( ANI ): A couple of players from ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) were once again approached by a bookmarker, a Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official has revealed.
The Bookmarker and Page Identifier is an excellent feature for readers of the Bible or other books where they want to quickly flip to their favorite sections.
Launch48 has helped create businesses such as deal site Vouchacha and fashion bookmarker Fashiny.
The new TravelMuse Bookmarker now allows you to browse the web freely and then save your favorite research centrally.
For example, when referring to a bookmarker word the student had found, she said, "Great word ...
A BIRMINGRAM betting shop owner failed in his bit to stop a British Leyland machine shop inspector from operating his own lunch hour bookmarker's business for his 3,000 workmates.
I am only aware of it because of a sticker on the back of a bookmarker included in my book which directed me to his website
Perhaps the associations of the word marker, in the sense of something used to write, as in laundrymarker, work against the combination bookmarker, since bookmarks may mark places, but not in pencil or ink.
Button relentlessly reeled in Trulli's Renault in the closing stages to get within touching distance of his own maiden win, but a run-in with bookmarker Zsolt Baumgartner's Minardi on the final lap ruined his chances.
Finally, Starfish's Internet Utilities 97 ($19.95), an Internet utilities program, works great as a bookmarker to index favorite sites, especially if you use Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers.
Towards the end of the visit John was delighted to be asked to present some certificates to the school football team, before receiving a commemorative mug and bookmarker from the head teacher.
These sew sweet bookmarkers will bring joy to every quilters To-Sew list.
A group of local school children here in Buncombe County, North Carolina, recently honored our WWII British allies by creating handmade cards, bookmarkers, and letters in their honor.